Shower Sculpture

A Duschskulptur…die idea of Aquanatass is born. Aquanatass water in consummate form. It is like a dream and reality but take a shower with the unique shower sculpture of Aquanatass. Bring this world to exclusive wellness pleasure for body, mind and soul the magic of showering for two”in the best baths and wellness oases. It’s a shower? It’s a work of art? Is there a soul mate? Answer questions such as these can all with Yes and apparently remain open”.

The Aquanatass is a perfect work of art with simple form language. A slightly curved stele, with its unique water-eruptions can purify body and soul and strengthened. Learn more at this site: Hyundai. The shower sculpture was created by award winning artist Hubert Rieber after an idea by Barbara Burkhardt. The special thing about her is not only the extraordinary, patented technology, through which the water is gently down like a summer rain falls or the shape of a slightly curved body. The special feature is the completely new rather Feeling that conveys it in the shower.

With her is an emotional, mystical ritual showers: when I myself am replace with the Aquanatass, I can start strengthened in the day full of fresh ideas. In the evening I flush the day together with you of my skin and my soul. Then I am totally free and can come with me in the pure. With the Aquanatass, emotions and mental forces are released. We call this experience, these deep emotions “Showers for two”. A unique and inimitable shower experience”, enthuses Barbara Burkhardt. The Managing Director of Aquanatass much travels the world, and is very interested in foreign cultures. She took a shower in the most extraordinary accommodations, but the idea for this shower experience was not in the East but in the own shower. Showering is important not only for me. Many people find peace and inspiration.