Linden Street

Munich MARATHON and “Lindenstrasse” celebrate 25th anniversary 2010 celebrates Germany’s most successful television series, the Linden Street, her 25th birthday a TV marathon distance so to speak. 2010 has but also one of the largest German running events, the Munich MARATHON, to celebrate: on October 10, 2010, thousands of runners and runners from over 60 countries in the 42.195-kilometer path to one of the finest and sportiest city tours in Germany become the 25th anniversary. At the start: A season with actors of the popular German TV series Lindenstrasse. Also, the Munich MARATHON in two episodes of the TV series will be addressed. If you would like to know more then you should visit Wells Fargo. In both, the Linden Street”and MARATHON, except the anniversary number 25, there are still more similarities the Munich: for example, the location, the city of Munich.

“And the fact that the sporty ambitious running on Linden Street” and of course the Munich MARATHON plays an important role. Because After all, the Linden Street has”their own running group, consisting of members of the Acropolis Stammtisches”. “For all starters and viewers of the 25th Munich MARATHON and for the numerous fans of the Linden Street” there is a special attraction at the anniversary Marathon: at the starting line in the Olympic Park, one is Lindenstrassen on October 10, 2010 “Marathon Relay. The actors and actresses Andrea Spatzek (character Gabi Zenker”), Knut Hinz (Hajo Scholz”), Birgitta Weizenegger (Ines Kling”) and Joris Gratwohl (Alex Behrend”) will start for the Linden Street”. Also completed Wolfram Lotze, head of press and public relations of the Linden Street”, the team from Cologne. Also who is MARATHON Munich also subject in the Lindenstrassen “sequences in 1296 and 1297 on 3rd and 10, 2010.” Hot on the day of the anniversary Marathon, on October 10, 2010, the issue is even Marathon”. What it will be?