How To Make Friends At Work

Make friends in College is simple since the age in which we study a career we are also more predisposed to meet new people. In fact, many students are going on Erasmus to learn a language but also, to meet people abroad, access to other cultures, discover new landscapes in addition, the University often celebrate holidays of faculty in which it is possible to chat with peers in a more relaxed atmosphere. There are colleges that are famous for the social life that have, for example, the University of Salamanca. Similarly, other cities like Madrid offer an infinite universe of possibilities to young students who come to the capital. Undoubtedly, in the midst of so much novelty it is also essential to discover the limit and balance.

The work environment confronts radically with the University environment. It happens within the own academic field since the PhD students have to cope with a solo work in which there is a great rivalry and competitiveness among peers. However, the work is not only a means of professional accomplishment but it is also a form of personal fulfillment. It is a pity to pass through the world without leaving a positive impression on others. Be in a job that is not shared anything more than a routine day and sometimes boring.

There is a middle ground between indifference and friendship: companionship. In this way, it is nice to have moments in the working day to share with colleagues a pleasant conversation in a break. Equally deserving worthwhile take a coffee at specific days at the exit of the company. On the other hand, there are nice details as for example, bringing pasta to the Office on the day of the birthday to celebrate with others. But in addition, also worth build a good friendship with some of the co-workers.It is a friendship that can be of great support in moments of tension from the daily routine, it is good to have confidence with someone to express intimate way feelings of insecurity, fear, anxiety, or rage. But when it comes to make friends at work also it is essential not to force any situation. That is, we must let friendship arises naturally and spontaneously.When already we feel good with someone at work then we can propose any plan. We will certainly work happier in a site in which we have a friend and a human environment.