To be industralist is not just like to be enterprising. All the entrepreneurs are not industralists or want to be it. All the industralists have not been or want to be enterprising. An entrepreneur owns a special creativity, enjoys shaping an idea from zero and he feels motivated to create new things, is that one that dreams about its projects, but the abilities and competitions necessary to manage suitably a business do not comprise of the package that an entrepreneur brings with himself. When it is sent to create their own company puts and it into operation and sees that it does not work to them as they dreamed entoces leave the project, they look for to yield it or to sell it or look for a person handles who it she removes and it ahead. They have the ability to drive the boat but it does not stop to construct it and to remove to almar it. The industralist buys a company, a settled down good business and he lets grow before to pass through everything a creative process to mount something by itself.

The majority of the entrepreneurs has something of industralists and many industralists have something of entrepreneurs. But the truth, is that we must define because many we go away towards the ends of one or of another one. It is very important that if you are an entrepreneur you must become qualified so that your project is developed in the time and is your project of all the life If you want to be success, ten encuenta carateristicas like: It looks for the opportunity, the independence, That you like the hard work, ten security in same you, disciplined, to have the capcidad to take desiciones, to be arranged to the change, layers to handle stress, to have a clear obgetivo, to concentrate themselves in the gains This it is your pefil? These tired to dance to the rate that others touch? Analizalo and asumalo like a commitment with you or with his future.