Digital Entrepreneurs

For example, when the competition box is empty or there is very little competition, it may indicate us several possibilities: If you have many searches and has no competence quite possibly us is indicating that it is too general for that then the We use as a keyword with which to attract clients, but also could tell us that our niche has great potential to succeed. If you have a high competition, may be telling us that there are many people working with that niche finally also exists the possibility that this niche is to exploit or Google does not have enough behavioral data and as entrepreneur Digital we must be attentive to this. But really we should take into account a joint and comparative study not just a term, but several related to the same niche that interests us. Is there a specific number of global searches that we should give as correct in finding our niche? We said earlier, there is not really a number we can give as positive, since we should take into account many variables. For example: should bear in mind if the niche that we decided to dedicate ourselves is one of our products.

If so, the number of searches on many occasions, should not be decisive There is not a single word that defines niche, therefore it must be sure always find all the relevant words in that field and make a comprehensive study of all of them. It is very important to be a Digital entrepreneur before determining if that niche is valid for us, among other formulas, we make a detailed study of all terms related to that niche or at least the most relevant. I hope that the article has been useful and of interest. Chicoaceb Lopez specialist and apprentice in Marketing and international trade.