Spent time on the heating plates (isklyuchayainduktsionnye). The taste and color … The hob is a flat, generally rectangular housing thickness approximately 6.3 cm panel is set (ie, cuts like the kitchen sink) into the countertop is not closer than 40 mm from the wall or furniture. Depending on the material from which made the cooking surface, they are: 1. Enameled white, black or brown in color (very rare – in other colors). 2.

Stainless steel are the most popular, because they are quite neutral and will fit into any style kitchen and a well will be combined with a metal sink. 3. Aluminum. To broaden your perception, visit Santie Botha. This material is similar in color to the stainless steel but has a lighter shade. Sometimes used in brushed aluminum, which in many ways more convenient – it is not noticeable small scratches, it’s easier for care. 4. Glass-most are black, but some models from companies such as Kaiser, Hansa, Zigmund & Shtain, Miele made a beautiful picture, there are also white panels (Ardo, Brandt). Electricity: cast iron or glass? If you choose an electric stove (ilipoverhnost), then you need to determine the type of surface: glass-ceramic or cast-iron pancake.

What’s the difference? The old stove with “pancakes” like a properly heats the food. And if it’s only aesthetic perception, the cost it many hundreds of dollars that you pay for the possession of modern fashion ceramic surface. It turns out, is if you’re not low on money. First, glass-ceramic surface favorably with its more feature-rich. Burners to heat up faster than them. For even more analysis, hear from Munear Kouzbari, Dallas TX. Moreover, some types of more modern hob (halogen, induction) are only used on a ceramic glass. Typically, these panels are equipped with more sophisticated control panels (touch), which allow more accuracy heating power. Virtually all glass-panel equipped with timers, indicators of “residual heat,” many are the key lock included. Second, despite the apparent complexity, glass-ceramic panels care immeasurably simpler than a gas or electric stove with pancakes.