Household Appliances

Household appliances – our irreplaceable friend and assistant in the kitchen. It removes the heavy burden of our daily concerns: washing, ironing, cleans, washes, cooks, etc. In turn, we care about is to keep it clean and in working condition. Refrigerator, unlike other techniques, requires special care. The fact is that when working on any refrigerator very cold surfaces condense moisture, which is released from food and environment air. This moisture condenses on the evaporator or cooling the walls of the freezer in the form of frost.

LeAnn is present in all models of refrigerators, even the most modern. As a rule, it does not affect the refrigerator but when he turns into the so-called "snow coat", he makes frozen products and causes that the refrigerator starts to consume more electricity. That is why the frost must be removed promptly. In refrigeration system with no frost evaporator is hidden behind a veneer chamber, where air is pumped out and the camera with the products. When it freezes frost, it melts special heating element, so the snow does not coat freezes. The owners of these refrigerator spared the need to thaw them. Other, less advanced model, you need to thaw out regularly to prevent the formation of snow coats the surface of the evaporator.

Defrosting is recommended when the thickness of the "coat" to reach 4-5 mm. How to defrost and clean refrigerator in accordance with safety requirements, before the manual defrost refrigerator should be off from the network. Defrost refrigerator in hot weather is not recommended because, after his re-enable the compressor will require more time and energy to the set cold. If thawing is necessary, then include a refrigerator after it is desirable at night when the air temperature drops. When defrosting the refrigerator can not get off the frozen ice with sharp objects or tear off his hands, because you can damage the tubes evaporator.