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ITSM Staff

Jan Schilt MSc HRD is the Director General of Gaming Works Netherlands and an expert in the design of effective interventions for learning, action programmes of learning and the personalization of simulations of business to create results in all types of organizations, it is essential to maintain a really deep understanding of the way in which works, behaves and learns the staff of an organization, since finally of them depends on the success or failure of this. Probably many people such declaration, find exaggerated, however, it is a reality that if the staff of an organization is not driven to grow, contribute, learn and show results, the Organization will not bear fruit, nor will grow, losing with this, the ability to settle successfully in the case of an organization that has just begun, or continue to grow and expandin the case of organisations already established. Learn more at: Pinterest. Not performed the measurement of knowledge transfer might say that if the Administration is not able to improve continuously the quality of the work, this will result in: idle time business risk missed opportunities cost in the case of implementing ITSM processes, this situation also applied and is not exempt from come down by a bad attitude or behavior by the staff, for the fact of carrying out the implementation of these processes is not an easy job and it could be said that the main challenge lies in connecting to people, technology, processes and partners, to ensure that the set of all these, succeeds carry out and so successful implementation. Concerning this issue, is very determinant that apart from taking into account the behaviour and staff attitudes, also evaluate and seek improved, the level of transfer of knowledge skills, simulations and tools that are used to improve the role of people so they really are a factor of success in implementation. Why is it important to measure the results of knowledge transfer? For Jan Schilt, who worked 6 years as coach of management, at this time a large amount of budget aimed at training, is under pressure, as some companies decide not to spend your money on it, because they believe it makes no sense, but this turns out to be a wrong thinking: If we measure the results of the training, we can demonstrate that it is worth.

Customer Portfolio

With the crisis there has been what we call customer revolution. What does it mean? First, that there is now a hypersensitivity to the price. Current customer takes is now much more seriously the value-priced equation. Thus, you have to check your value proposition.If you are out of the range of market prices, customer you punish. But that doesn’t mean that you have to be the cheapest, explains Juan Jose Peso, director of Daemond Quest. The second effect of the current situation is the network. The management of the referencing, the opinions of consumers, are more important than ever.

That there is to know what to use. And finally, lack of funding is affecting absolutely everybody, which means that many are postponing their purchases. With all these changes we are in a very complicated recruitment environment, recognize Juan Jose Peso. In short, we are faced with a new scenario. Increase the number of visits, customer calls or advertising impacts is not enough to stay in the market.

Sure that you are already checking it. But jump into the sand of the precios-chollo does not guarantee anything. You must be creative to attract customers in a cost-effective manner. If it costs you more to get a customer what is going to report on your income statement, are doing bad business. That said, plays to answer the question that we assume because you’re doing. How? First of all doing a review of your situation. Before taking decisions, you should know why your company, in particular, is losing customers.A company that loses customers because they are postponing their purchasing decisions (but they have not gone to competition) is not in the same situation that one that loses them because they have embarked on the hunt for the best price, Inc, explains Juan Carlos Alcaide, director of the Institute of Marketing Services. For the former, the best strategies will be which are aimed to facilitate the purchase.