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Good Manager

I spoke with the head of a very successful company, who occupies a good position in the market and receives high pay. I asked him about what he considers most important to the success of his company. The answer shocked me: “Problems. Recently, they were especially numerous, and now I have an excellent team, I “What is the difference between a good leader and great? How to do more for far less time? What is ultra-efficient in manager? How to make the problems were solved by the staff, a process that only increases your company? What is the most important element of team building is at the head, but he never uses, assuming dangerous? This is what will be discussed in our material. As a person grows What makes a person stronger? As a person grows? As he acquires the ability to become competent and valuable to others? Which element of life to him for this necessary? This is a problem. Solving the problem, the person grows. Problem – always a chest with abilities.

But just whose problem it is. You get no sense trying to solve problems for other people. Only for himself yet another gain. But sending a person to solve the problems, you make it stronger. Remember childhood.

You grew up, finding solutions where they had not done before. Any employee of your company every time it becomes more independent and competent, met with a problem and solving it. Solve only one who has created, one whose problem it is.

Leo Tolstoy Company

There is a law – people love it and those in which or in whom they put something positive. More about this Leo Tolstoy wrote in Anna Karenina. “We love people for the good that they do and hate them for the evil that they commit against. ” You are striving for loyalty because it gives employees to contribute to your company in the form of solutions, the right company and work hard to find these solutions. Give them to contribution to your company, and they will love it. You can use it – every one. In the most interesting option, which we see quite often. If presented in this material data is not used, the introduction of new ideas is very difficult, leads to loss of staff, and often productive employees.

In the end, ends up with the owner, rather than improve the situation for a company deteriorates it. And instead gets more achievements more problems and a lack of money. Suppose you want to introduce some system of education or administration, which will increase production efficiency or quality of customer service. And you know what it will require staff time and effort. And it is for employees – a problem. Where to take time, “so we have not done before, and was so tired and still learn, and so on and so forth. Any changes are usually associated with such elements.

If you make these problems for general discussion and will be aggressively motivate staff to find solutions for how to do it if all the complexities and show in this insistence, they will find these solutions. And do everything themselves and with less efforts and time. But first it is necessary that they wanted to. They need to show that there is good for them. And it all pays off many times over. Otherwise, the introduction of new ideas and learning becomes flour for all and there is solid a fight that can last forever. Money there is not enough.