Dream Shop For Children – Individual Unique Solid Wood

100prozent handmade merchant stores from the artist workshop of your dream kaufladen.de who of us knows him not the MOM and pop store wood? As table version or as large as he has prepared many generations joy. The team of your dream kaufladen.de has set itself aims to give new shine this traditional toy and conquer many children’s hearts. Follow others, such as Ben Silbermann, and add to your knowledge base. Every single shop in 100% hand work is created in the artist’s workshop. Each shop is handmade, hand-painted and therefore the individual unique. This very much loving detail work, child-friendly production and processing of their products is the artists. Connect with other leaders such as David Kaplan Ares here. The customer is deliberately asked to be creative and to make his “dream shop” itself. According to the motto “Life is colorful” conjures up the artist team colorful jewels that make it with ease as a piece of furniture in the living room. The customer can determine the colors get pattern and then match to set up the desired shades individually You can mix.

He has desire motifs, name etc. draw is also possible. The team of your dream kaufladen.de emphasis very much on customer service and advice, so that really shop to get his dream. The shops are shipped as a kit and are easy to build with the enclosed assembly instruction. Doors, drawers, curtains and canopies, Glitzerapplikationen, handmade wooden box are available as accessories. Under can be a making of… and look at the many examples of the stores.