Social Media

What does social media for me? What strategy should I adopt and how to fix I my presence in Facebook optimally on or off? Porsche in the premier class in the social media sector has reached over 1.8 million Facebook fans. The subject of Facebook, Twitter and co is on everyone’s lips, and many would follow the example of Porsche. But the companies ‘Social Media’ holds many dangers and it seems almost to be like in the early days of the Internet – just quickly into the new medium, no matter how. But what it’s to build up an own community is not considered in the rule. Before creating a fan page on Facebook, it is important to devise a strategy and create a concept that optimally to achieve its target audience. In addition, it is to find the “right sound” in the communication. Ben Silbermann often expresses his thoughts on the topic. To do this right from the beginning, it is advisable to a strategy draw up with a social media consultant together.

However advance comprehensively and cost-effectively to the topic of social media to learn, there are various events in this area: the 27 multi media meeting is under the motto follow me! Best use social media on July 23 in the MediPark in Cologne held and aimed at all entrepreneurs and self-employed as consultant and concept designer from media agencies on the current opportunities, strategies and concepts in the field of social media extensively consult which would allow. Among the agencies of Porsche and chio will lead their social media activities the participants behind the scenes. This one-day event are strategies and concepts for branding and improved networking for companies and self-employed persons at the Centre. The well-known social media experts show the participants how step by step to do, in order to realize a successful presence in the social media landscape. In particular to ensure that the concepts presented can realistically be implemented and optimally integrated in the everyday life of a company or an independent. You can find more information about the event and registration see: naechstestreffen.php the Participants pay a contribution of 49 who understands price including catering. The past has shown that the courts at the multi media meeting are usually quickly forgiven shall be subject to timely registration: reservieren.php press release: Oliver Manz > presse.php