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Russian Company

The most frequent multi-sectional scale car. Their gruzopriemnaya platform consists of several sections fastened together. In the corners of the platform and at the points of connection sections mounted sensors. Another version of the weights for stationary weighing scales are single-section. These scales are typically used four sensors located in the corners of the platform. To ensure good metrological characteristics of the platform should be rigid and not bend. This allows us to not make a special filler foundation, and installation in the standard concrete blocks. True, installing a concrete podpyatkov sensors, leaving the depth of soil freezing, what do experts recommend that the Finnish firm Pivotex, can not hurt.

A new kind of weight Platforms Pivotex company manufactures foamed concrete. Ben Silbermann follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In the manufacture of such platforms concrete solution is poured into the bath, which is in a state of stress of the metal fittings. As a result, concrete slabs are obtained at the same time durable and lightweight. Leading Russian company, which produces a type of truck scales – St. Petersburg company 'PetroVES'. Platform truck scales this company can reach 18 meters.

Rostov company 'tensor' offers scales, the platform which is made of a standard railway platform 15 meters long with a few improvements. The company has experience production platforms in the region, the location of the customer. In both types of weight sensors are bonded tightly with the platform in order to avoid shear stresses that could lead to the destruction of the sensor. The scheme of work of such weights next.