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Key Skills Trainer

As you know, "student copies Master", which means that the coach the product is important to have a professional and everyday language, customer-oriented company. 3. Information processing, structure. Whatever the product or service your company, you will always encounter a problem: how information to participants in the session, what to development to be successful, how to structure and how to present knowledge in a variety of instructional aids. Important question is discussed, usually with the guidance. But it is Coach decides it constantly with each group. What is the structure of the classes can effectively work out informational material? As we already mentioned, the famous coach of the cycle of D.

Kolb "in most cases not suitable to conduct information sessions. To get a stable result, training on the product must contain 4 main parts: – Introduction: establishing contact with the audience, the inclusion of the topic, task and Planning work – information part: the requisite information – enshrining part: questions, tasks, exercises to consolidate the knowledge received by participants, responses to questions from the participants – estimated part: Test results – important feedback for the coach, and for participants in the training. 4. Key Skills Trainer for the product – those who need more attention and in the process of training of trainers on stage recruiting specialist for the job. Once the reservation that great knowledge of the subject learning, ie products / services companies, we mean both the first and indispensable condition in detail not dwell on it, with an emphasis namely to "coach" skills.

First, of course, presentation skills – a bright, affordable, structured to convey information to each participant. Skills of public speaking and working with different numbers of audiences: management attention, interaction with the audience, answering questions and managing discussions; verbal and nonverbal components of speech, the structure of speech. Methodical skills: analysis and systematization Information, preparation of reference materials, development of slides, test assignments, tests for the participants. The training program, focused on the development of precisely these coaching skills, much shorter time, while more efficient than conventional training of trainers on the tasks trainers for the product. In conclusion. We touched on only a few of the most pressing issues the trainers for the product. It seems important the task of developing and promoting special programs, fully focused on the key skills, professional goals and specifics of the trainer / instructor for the product. This increases the possibility of customer training, improves the efficiency of product training in companies and contributes to professional development and promotion of a coaching profession as a coach for the product. The material was first published on Trainings.ru