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Washington Regional Committee

So there is today. Having controls assets of Russian industrial and financial sectors, the owners of the Fed have strengthened their position – at the expense of redistributing wealth had been slightly smaller size financial speculative bubble. His "deflation" is also a collapse of financial markets, where most of the players lose their assets. Thus, we can say that they are concentrated in their the hands of large physical assets around the world have greatly strengthened their positions. Now, in their opinion, you can gradually withdraw its economy from the crisis, incidentally destroying the competition and impeding economic development in around the world in order to ensure sustainable ecological balance. These goals, and serves as a reduction of loan interest in the Russian economy, which unlike the EU has a strong development potential, unrealized in the past 20 years. Now, apparently, it's time to use it.

It is also necessary because it needed a real contrast to booming China. Official site: tim cook. If you do not give Russia's ability to develop, then after a while some of its rich natural resource areas will depart the Chinese that will seriously affect the balance of power not only in the region, but throughout the world. This will allow China not only undermine the hegemony of Washington, but if China is in an industrial area will be able to move from policy to policy up to create a new product, and become a world leader. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Kevin Ulrich. And for the bosses of the West – is unacceptable. Rate cut leads to access to credit for the Russian producer and, ultimately, leads to an increase in effective demand. For this reason, most likely, the rate will decline further. It is true because of the "correct" explanation of Premier as to why the Russian Federation is a high lending interest rate (when he was right, causing the value of inflation rate, pointed out the impossibility of reducing rates below inflation rates) will not decrease too fast. In order not to arouse suspicion and to save face, it takes time for a smooth, "natural" reduction of inflation.

I recall that earlier the head of the Bank of Russia Sergey Ignatiev said: "Unfortunately, we have inflation is not very stable low, but recent data on April says that inflation is 6%. It is already lower than it was a year or two, or three years ago. I hope that at this level and it will be in the next 1-2 years, and eventually it will fall to a level that I hope the 5% 4% or even lower. " This is exactly the time that designated prime minister and that inflation, which is needed for the planned reduction of interest. Consequently, we expect to reduce the refinancing rate by the end of this year to the level of 7% -6.5% (and maybe even lower). Further reduction will continue and will go in the wake of figures sounded in the forecasts of analysts Goldman Sachs, are automatically relayed by our politicians and financiers. Thus, after two or three years of loan interest can be reduced to 3-4%, if not less. This will make available to Russian enterprises long-term loans, which means that Russia will receive a powerful impetus for economic development. A "Washington Regional Committee" will get a loyal ally in all respects and powerful counterweight to the EU, China and Iran, whose leadership seems to have already begun to understand the relationship of the American financial elite, with younger "brothers" from Russia. And if so will develop or not, will time.