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Anatoly Mishukov

Anatoly Mishukov cars, an electrician at one of Moscow airports, 'sick' with children. However, the queue for Lada quench. Dreaming about your own car, he even tried to construct. But still he did not like. After reading piles of books and magazines, Anatoly finally found what he so long sought. Sophisticated layout involves the use of a car engine from the car 'Zaporozhets' set, as well as on the production model, in the back. Long struggled with the problem of transferring torque to the front axle.

Found the solution, but then new problems: there were the technical requirements for home-made cars, which allowed the installation of the engine volume of 1200 cm3 donors which were Lada. We must, of course, to put. And once again began the search for the layout engine. On the one hand, it would be good to leave it behind – it would be better distribution of weight on the bridges, but then can not be anything plunge through the back door. And it takes place more … What to do? In the end, settled on the classic version. Work has begun to boil … The frame was welded in three weeks, and it delivered units of the car 'Willis'.

The turn connecting the engine VAZ2101 with bridges, with the gearbox on the car VAZ2101. And again came to the aid of friends. At the thought through several versions of parts and components of transition, the location of the transfer case lever and management. Someone had the idea to make a frame of tubes of rectangular profile. Frame, frame, axles, engine VAZ2101 of standing still, but the car still there, although the design is already 'running' around the yard. What oblitsevat which take panel for the foundation? It would be good made from fiberglass, but the garage is cold, but wait until the warm days to cure the resin does not have the patience. Hands asked to work. Looking through the magazine 'Technology – Youth', which was placed Report of an exhibition of home-made automobile designs, Anatoli ran to the car 'Tourist', made of profiles for gas cookers. Found in the section address of the author, went to see him to know the possibility of the use of flat panels in this car. Making sure that the profiles are well maintained and stress seem quite aesthetically pleasing, he decides to make the lining of sheet metal. Panel will produce by hand, bending the metal around the edges and welding it in flanging. Tested on a few details of its welding technology, Anatoly begin drawing on Whatman paper panels, body, doors and openings for them. And then the car wears a 'dress' – covering. In what color to paint a car? It would seem that one who is most like. Painted … It turns out that something is not right. The solution was found just. By installing on-site for your car, Anatoly Mishukov photographed it from different angles, and making some shots, they began to paint. In one color, two, three. Light tone made the 'skirt' (the lower part of the body panels) – not much. Increased the height of the 'skirt', demonstrated something interesting. AND once shtrihuya 'skirt' with a pencil, suddenly found exactly the height of the dark color, which gave the car a finished look. Decision: the bottom is dark, bright top. So we saw a car. Much better than the factory Lada.