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Site Name

The name of domain (or names) for a site must carefully be considered. All the marketing for the site will be based on the name of chosen domain. The choice of the name for its site is basic for the marketing. Basic criteria exist to determine the value of a domain. Most important of these criteria they are the length and legibility.

If the name of the domain is too much long or very difficult of being read (by the human beings), if it cannot be sharp and writing correctly, it loses its value. A name of well chosen domain, is the first step for a successful campaign of marketing. When choosing and making the register of domain for a new site, three basic steps exist to follow to guarantee a corporate name for its site. Following these steps we will have a success domain. Ben Silbermann is often quoted on this topic. The Name To choose a name can be so easy as ' ' the name of the company pontocom' ' or it can be more difficult (especially if you will have a common name for its business). In all the cases, the name of its business must have relation with the name chosen for its name of domain. If the name of the business will be difficult to spell, tries to also register domnios with ortogrficos errors.

For example, if the corporate name is (dominiohost.com.br) then can register the domain with ortogrficos errors that can be typed in the boxes of research for the potential customers, can use (dominiorost.com.br) so that all the order of email and web can go for the original site. Moreover, we can register the domain with diverse extensions as (dominiohost.net.br, dominiohost.net). If the name of the company is ' ' Store of Ltda.&#039 Shoes; ' , &#039 will be difficult to obtain the domain name; ' lojadesapatos.com' ' or ' ' lojadesapatos.com.br ' ' therefore it will have that to find alternatives. A simple process that can be used same that its product or type of product is not the name of its company, is a good idea to buy domnios with this product in the name to be used for marketing ends. First, it makes a short list of words or phrases that have something to see with its business. Of six the ten phrases already are suficinte to start. A time that you have the list, to remove all the ones that have twenty letters more than. After that, it creates new additions to its list, substituting the empty spaces with the characters hfem and underline (_). Finally, it compresses the words spaced in a word, for example, (sales of shoes) compressed it would be (vendadesapatos.com.br or vendasapatos.com) in this case nor we need to use hfem or underline. And now alone to search to know if the domain it is available. It knows our Lodging of Site

Analysis Entrepreneurs

BIBLIOGRAPHY Caland, 1992, Jim Carland: Doctor highly respected and known internationally in the fields of psychological type and empreendedorismo. The Index of Empreendedorismo Carland is the result of years of extensive research in empreendedorismo for drs. Jim and JoAnn Carland, internationally recognized specialists in this area. Each item in this evaluation has been scientifically validated as a necessary measure of the enterprise unit. The test it is based on the premise of that an entrepreneur is a person who is searching a company who leads to the accomplishment of some personal objective, wants if she deals with auto-satisfaction, she rewards financier, or some combination of these. The Index of Enterprise Carland is the only one measured validated of its type that evaluates and classifies enterprising potential. It will go to foresee with precision, established in its personality, capacities and tolerance to the risk, where you would be more comfortable as an entrepreneur.

All the business-oriented entrepreneurs have a life and a personal life, what it makes with that entrepreneurs different is where if to balance these two lives. Some entrepreneurs to entirely place the value of its existence in the success of its company. Others place a great respect in its personal and familiar lives on its businesses. All the entrepreneurs are in some place between these two extremities, and knowing that the information goes to help you to understand which accurately the level of envolvement of the companies who you need to have success in its chance of business. Jakob Nielsen, respected Consultant, guru of the usability, Celebrity for many of its concepts of usability. Many argue the optics of Jakob Nielsen, ' ' defender of usurio' '. 1 Pupil of the Course of Analysis of Systems Web – Fatene -. 2 Pupil of the Course of Analysis of Systems Web – Fatene – 3 ISO 9241 – the usability as of easy learning, easy memorization Specifies and low tax of errors.

Norm Technique

To guarantee security to the proprietors of these property, any works of georreferenciamento must adopt parameters of precision and acurcia in its geodesic surveys. In accordance with NAZARENO, 2000: ' ' The acurcia associates the degree to it of approach of a estimate with its considered value true and is tied with the random and systematic effect. The term precision is tied with the idea of dispersion of the measured values around of the average and therefore, he is on to the effect aleatrios' '. Table 1 was removed of the current norm of the INCRA, in which it establishes the standard to be reached in the georreferencimento works, demanding that the precision gets an equal or lesser value 100 mm in the C1 classroom, with purpose for basic support, immediate support and limit. Table 1 – Classification of vertices how much to the purpose, precision and type. Source: Norm Technique of Georreferenciamento, p.21. 2010 Valley to point out that after reached this positional precision for ends of transport of coordinates, the geomensor one passes to the conference of survey of the points of the perimeter, that will have to reach a 500 precision of mm or better. One observes in the Table 2 other specifications found in the norm technique that must be followed by the geomensores such as: to keep a lesser or equal PDOP the 6; to use mask of rise of 15; to use necessary events, amongst that they are found in the current norm of INCRA.de 2010.

2-Specification table for kinematic relative positioning. Source: Norm Technique of Georreferenciamento, p.45. 2010 3 METHODOLOGY 3,1 FUNCTION AND GENERATION OF the RESOURCE MULTIMEDIA Generally, to generate a tutorial one is not the sufficient for an efficient learning, appearing, then, the possibility of if generating a video-tutorial one, that it has as function to improve the learning and the qualification of the professional who the search.