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The allocation of roles in the team is a process of negotiation between each Member of the Group and the rest of the team a person cannot assume a role without the recognition of the team because, finally, recognition of the team is that gives the individual the satisfaction of being useful in the group for a certain functions. In the dynamics of groups different types of roles are distinguished, but there are 3 types that are present in all computers: leader, Coordinator and observer in any negotiation, the cohesion of these roles, as well as individual of each of them, cooperative behaviors will favour the development of it and the attainment of the objective in common. The proper articulation of roles enables the achievement of the negotiations. The roles that act as enabler or facilitantes, generated profit to the negotiating group. Flattering roles Act working by a single goal to their interests and never fighting among themselves. The conduct in these roles team generates bargaining is carried out under a cooperative approach, enabling both parties to go beneficiary with the meeting. Is they based the integrative negotiation: you win, I win.

It is fair dealing. But they can also be negative roles. In the dynamics of these groups act disturbing the functioning of the group, within the negotiation is determined by a tactic of competitive negotiation, in which any aspect within it is treated as a match. Based on the competitive model of extreme negotiation: I win, you lose. It is the negotiation without equity. Not find that there is a benefit to all parties, only the good for the group.

It perceives the negotiation from a competition perspective and considers that any situation within it, is a struggle to achieve the goal. All negotiating role becomes a process that consists of a verbal exchange which aims to reach a joint decision. The involved roles develop interactions by perceptions that receive about an issue or issues that are debated and may be divergent, with the aim of reaching an acceptable agreement through the communication between the parties. It should take into account that a negotiation is not an easy task for any of the roles involved in the same, does not correspond to an exact science, it is difficult to predict accurately the outcome of the negotiation and this must be properly planned by each of them. In a negotiating role can have multiple roles, a single individual can play with them to get lead bargaining to their ground. Among others, the roles of negotiator can be: leader, good, bad, hard, conciliator, etc. These roles involve its own characteristics, as well as a few implicit liabilities in its proceeding.