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Pierre Lvy

In what it refers to the first topic, the philosophical conception of the direction of the word ' ' vazio' ' it says that ' ' it and the nothing are some coisa' ' , then we will go to place it in the direction used in this problematic one. According to Pierre Lvy, in ' ' Cibercultura' ' , it affirms that ciberespao is empty, that is, one ' ' universality without totalidade' '. What this wants to say? That exactly that it has a gamma of information that are contained in itself, generally in English language (currently this comes moving, therefore the countries are translating these pages) the subject will be never extinguished completely, therefore always it will have ' ' auxiliadores' ' (people that renews the content of a page, giving to it a new more current roupagem). Already the part understood for the new educator paper in the informatizada age, we have a irreversible trend nowadays, the computerization of the ways of education, as much in the basic level, how much in the medium and the superior, but the profession to teach will not be extinguished of the real scope, therefore as already said previously, the more the person has contact with the virtual one, plus it wants to know the Real, then this will of learning by means of the alunado one that she makes with that the professor has to be always brought up to date, to be able to teach the same of time that learns with its proper pupils, since we are always in a learning process. Summarizing, so that the professor institution offers a quality education, they will have to be always brought up to date with the new features of the real world and also of the virtual world. PART III PROBLEMS In this summary I will try to display some existing problems in the great computer network: as to make ciberespao to be more democratic and if the real world exactly will be supplanted by the virtual one, as according to subject.