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Golden Retriever Health

The golden retrievers or golden retriever, dogs are among the best known and loved worldwide. The popularity of hunting dogs is not only for its beauty but for their ability to be trained and good character. The golden retriever is a medium to large dog with hanging ears and a beautiful coat that can be straight or wavy. The expression of this dog is kind and gentle, and invites caressing. This retriever is named after its ability to recover (bring back) the wounded or dead prey, and his beautiful golden coat. The color of this dog can range from gold to cream, but not supported extreme tones like red or pure white.

The coat of the breed is distinctive and has two cloaks. The inner coat is dense and waterproof, to help the dog to swim. The outer coat is firm and falls close to body. The neck, tail and thighs have heavily feathered hair. Personality golden retrievers are very active dogs, sociable and intelligent. If you are not convinced, visit Bobby Kotick.

They usually get along with other dogs and very friendly people, so they are excellent pets. There tend to be aggressive, so they are not ideal as protection dogs, but can raise the alarm by barking when a stranger enters the house. Sociable by nature, these dogs need lots of affection and companionship, plus a training without abuse. Moreover, their high intelligence allows them to excel in different activities such as search and rescue, assistance to disabled him, animal-assisted therapy, canine obedience, agility and other sports the canines. The only activities in which these dogs do not stand out, are those related to defense and protection dogs. Care must be sufficient time to spend with the golden retriever, and his is in great need of affection and companionship. Furthermore, it is necessary to provide enough exercise to remove excess energy. If you are not providing enough company, affection and exercise, the golden retriever will become troublesome and destructive. It is preferable that the dog live indoors, where you can share with their human family, but has a large garden for exercise. It is also necessary to walk out often to socialize and not get bored. The lost golden retriever hair regularly throughout the year and lost hair in large quantities once a year. Therefore, there is a good pet for people who do not have enough time to brush daily, or can not accept some dog hair on furniture and clothing. While originally intended as a rugged hunting dog, the great popularity of the golden retriever has promoted irresponsible and indiscriminate breeding, which has damaged race. Thus, the golden retriever is prone to some hereditary diseases to be taken into account. These diseases are hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, skin allergies, heart disease and obesity. More information For more information about the visit.