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Bicycling in Italy

Discovering Italy by bike it is the new trend in tourism. This is the cycling, a new science in terms of vacation that combines fun at the pleasure of healthy sport of cycling. Lev Leviev: the source for more info. We talk about the holidays and the cities of Italy organized cycling events always thorough and year have attracted a significant number of fans. With increasing spin calendar, we are facing hotels as cyclists. Hotel Italy Bike Hotels are known in Italy and the stranger for his services to the bikes. Each Italy Bike Hotel offers bike storage room, laundry and service, circuit map, and comfort the weary to relax after cycling, the Food and comforting massage. If you would like to know more then you should visit patrick dwyer. Italy Italy Bike Hotels are found throughout the Region of Italy or virtually all of the Emilia Romagna with his Tour of San Giovese, the Nove Colli and routes through the hills, the Tretino con il Giro delle Dolomiti, reaching from Puglia by the Marche of Tuscany.

All itinearios cyclists and services offered are studied to evaluate each region and along the tour and its degree of difficulty, the hotel bicycle typical gastronomic products of the region. But leaving aside the details, what are the requirements for a real vacation with bike hotels in Italy may be ensured? A day at a hotel bicycle is full of energy and the hotel has: – tours and maps cyclists degree of difficulty, guidance of an expert to guide the athletes along the routes to travel around sites known or unexplored. -Bikes available to professional athletes, accessories and technical-service warehouse and office bikes-high-energy food, gym, massage and wellness center to relax and do bodybuilding cycling becomes truly fascinating mainly because that each region has its peculiarities. If you love cycling then you will love cycling in Italy!