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The Entrepreneur

All entrepreneurs love to be “busy” doing everything, but many entrepreneurs in our study, we confessed to wanting to spend more free time with their families or spend more time looking after their health or personal. Here, patrick dwyer merrill lynch expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The reality is that 97% of entrepreneurs confuse “tactics” with “strategy.” This is again a change of model or paradigm of thought in the mind of the entrepreneur. 80% of the time at work the entrepreneur is “doing the job”, he feels that if it is “doing the work” is not progressing. But the work ranges from strategic planning, alliances, public relations, training and training only devotes less than 8% of the time. It is not surprising to find that many small and medium enterprises on the verge of bankruptcy.

In any small or medium business should be doing three jobs: technical work, administrative work and strategic work. For get just one example: think for a moment in the sales department of your business: Q. Who should be doing sales? R. Q. Who vendors should review the sales reports, training vendors, caring customer service, etc? R. Sales Manager Q. Who should be building systems to sell more, attract good salespeople, train better and have a system that will show if this by listening carefully to your prospects? R.

The entrepreneur is TU. Surely you’re thinking what many entrepreneurs have told me, but I have no staff to do this well. The response at the start while having little people spend a time each week to the strategic work, this work can not delegate this work because if you do not, nobody else will. And when the strategic work is not done in your business, you end up doing all the work on technical and administrative work forever.