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The Increase

A woman from the skin crawl to be on a par with men. The woman, a real woman, must become more feminine, to be highly softer and more accommodating. A man, if he wants to be a real man should be as courageous. When this man comes in contact with this woman, they represent polar opposites, extremes. But extremes can love each other, and only extremes can enjoy the intimacy. Today we have witnessed this phenomenon: women have become masculine – they do men's sports have become very hard, rough, do not want to do household chores, etc.

In general, began to copy in all men. And what about men? And they in turn become effeminate beings. As in nature everything must be in equilibrium, if at some point, we see a lack of something else it will be a surplus. Harmony exists when contrasting forces are compensated. And if one force begins to dominate, the other decreases. And we see that in some families, the money earns a woman and man are increasingly engaged in housekeeping and child rearing. For the same reason occurs and homosexuality.

The man, in consequence of the fact that the woman is stronger, it became more soft and weak-willed. The fact that women in the higher plane affects men by 60-70%. If the physical plane will be equal, then respectively, on thin will be an imbalance on the side of a woman. We see that in Europe the equalization of women and men, and the result was the increase in homosexuality.


Its mind is made for accomplishments. You are determined to reach its goals. To be disciplined means that you do not go to abandon its objectives. A time that you are creating the life that you it desires disciplines, it is another tool of its success. The experience taught to me that for being disciplined, you it can not get the things easily, does not take off the focus of its target, happens what to happen. 4.

Persistence Persistence can be defined as the continuation of a effect and after the cause is removed. The ideal decisive moment is caused to create its life that you imagined. Its persistence allows that you see these obstacles not as problems, but as chances. After all, if it was easy, any person could carry through what you will be carrying through. But nor all are in the battlefield as you. You know that its persistence is what you stimulate to go front. You go to find a way to skirt any obstacle. 5.

Property Property is to be taking the right to the ownership of a thing. These are its dreams, its objectives, and its life, if you not to take ownership to reach its dreams, who it will make? ' ' It has only two emotions in the market: the hope and fear. The problem is that you have hope when you must fear, and you have fear when you must esperar.' ' (Jess Livermore). But not you. Its fear is motivation to follow in front, because you learned that when you to act, you get resulted. Taking ownership it is the change of taking to move to advance, changing behaviors that are not to function, possibly to change its friends who do not understand it, to deal with the world as it is and not as you desire that it is. 6. Orientation Resulted the results goes to finish in one definitive way. You define its objectives and the results that she intends to reach. Because you took ownership, now you have the power to create its desired results. When you not to get the desired results, you you persist, the property is the focus, and of it disciplines are its abilities, unit, to the will, the knowledge and the script, will take that it until where you want to go. The results are simply a form to measure its success. 7. Focus in People Any person understands that the success comes with its success and through other people. A successful person will go to recognize these individuals and to appreciate them for its contribution and the results. We know that success for a person is not success for another one. The success is measured by the satisfaction level that you have in what she chose, for what fought and obtained. As well as we know that to speak, to write it is easy, what it really lacks to the human beings is a small one, but definitive word that will give the way to it of its life: ACTION.