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VS Almoner

Your professional that cost you both your career move forward, we think and do math, you'll see if it's true When you see a miserable job offer send this e-mail to human resources. Vs beggar. Profession in Mexico. The following is the collection of data by a student in Engineering Practice: A traffic light changes state, on average, every 30 seconds (red thirty seconds, thirty seconds in green.) Therefore, for every minute, a beggar has 30 seconds to achieve timely receive a minimum of $ 2.00. With this scheme, in 1 hour of work will raise the beggar: (60 minutes x $ 2.00/minuto) = $ 120.00/hora. If the chaplain works eight hours a day, resting on Sundays, an average of 25 days per month, leaving an income of: (25 days / month x 8 hours / day x $ 120.00/hora) = $ 24,000 per month Will this is an absurd account …? Now $ 2.00 or $ 3.00 and the most generous I have seen him give up to $ 5.00. However, we will be conservative and assume that beggar actually collects only half the initial count, that is: $ 60.00 hour. By the accounts again we will have a final value of $ 12, 000.00/mes.

This is equivalent to the gross average salary of a Supervisor of Engineering, who serves in a medium sized company, working 48 hours per week ratings, and even having to go on Sunday to resolve maintenance problems and others. Thus, when the beggar receives $ 5.00 (not unusual), you can rest easy under a tree so next nine changes of traffic lights, and no boss to bother him because of this break in the middle of the day work. But so far everything is theory … now let the real world: With these data in hand, I went to interview a woman seeking alms and always will change the coins in a neighborhood store (the winemakers love the way). I asked how she received as alms by day, You know what I said …? For the initial account was fairly accurate: An average $ 400.00 to $ 450.00 per day! With this we have a monthly income: (25 days / month x $ 400.00/dia) = $ 10,000 / month or (25 days / month x $ 450.00/dia) = 11225.00 / month, average: da $ 10.625.00/mes! And worse, she said she never comes to work not even 8 hours a day … nor the six days a week You think that if not taken out good money, would there? MORAL: It is better to be a beggar to work as an Engineer (OR OTHER PROFESSIONAL IN MEXICO) … begging is more lucrative. Ahhhh …

And do not pay taxes or ISPT, IMSS, or income of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th ,….. categories !…. nor have they had to study / practice "X" years. So you gave me $ 1.00? Come by the union of professionals