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Holding Company

As explained by the first deputy general director Andrei RKSS Badalov, a TSS is based on this accumulated many years of experience in implementing major projects, including detailed analysis and modeling of the object, and highly professional work, from the concept stage and pre-project survey to complete delivery turnkey facilities. Thus, said Andrew Badalov, it is possible to form the final shape of the technological platform. Industry and Trade Minister Viktor Khristenko said high public importance raised concerns and expressed the need for its solutions through public-private partnership. The main result of the discussion was the recognition feasibility of forming a model of technological platform in the security field. You may find Robert Kiyosaki to be a useful source of information. Creating such a platform requires the construction of complex interrelated systems of monitoring and collecting information, as well as proper co-operation of the industry, including innovation.

To ensure the coordination of the preparation of proposals and implementation of the TSS, a working group under the Public Council. About Union Engineering “Russian Public Organization” Union of Russian Engineering ‘, which is chaired by Director General of the state corporation Russian Technologies Chemezov, was established in 2007 Basic objectives of the Alliance – to promote the establishment on the basis of domestic machine-building complex competitive and innovative economy in Russia, as well as to unite the efforts of Russian machine-builders in the presentation and promote the interests of the public authorities of the Russian Federation, institutions of civil society and the international arena. About “Roselektronika” Holding Company “Roselektronika” established by presidential decree The Russian Federation of 23 July 1997 764 and Government Decree 1583 from December 18, 1997 In accordance with the Government of the Russian Federation, shares of Russian electronics “in 2009 were transferred to the State Corporation Russian Technologies. At present JSC “Roselektronika, as a holding and management company, is consolidating 80 companies potential electronic industry. The company specializes in designing and manufacturing electronic products, electronic materials and equipment for their manufacture, as well as microwave technology, semiconductor devices and materials. Company “Russian Corporation of telecommunications ‘company’ Russian corporation means of communication ‘- the first Russian company that specializes in producing and developing a trusted telecommunications equipment and adaptation of technologies provides the world’s IT industry leaders with taking into account the requirements of the Russian market. The main objective of RKSS – innovative development of the domestic IT industry, as well as providing a reliable and safe operation of communications networks and IT systems in government departments, backbone industries of the Russian economy and commercial organizations.

Russian Corporation of communication was established in December 2007 and is part of the CC ‘Technologies’. The company manufactures authorized equipment, certified in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation in the absence of undeclared capabilities. RKSS checks of components and assembly in domestic enterprises, belonging to SC ‘Technologies’.