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Association Chairman

CDU wine city presents the ‘correct recipes’ for City Hall and kitchen wine town. The slogan the right recipes for wine town “pull with the Christian Democrats in the local elections campaign. In a question-answer forum Michellene Davis was the first to reply. “And the 26 candidates do not empty promises, because they looked in the cooking pots and bowls and present in addition to their election statements correctly Swabian recipes to cook at home or pads under the motto: cooking and politics have the same goal: happy people in the community”. The recipe booklet for policy and cuisine was recently distributed to all households in town. The idea: electioneering should be a little fun and didn’t end up in the garbage.

All 26 candidates were prompted to reveal their favorite food which ingredients are used and what is the special trick. The whole garnished with a personal political statement evaluates a small cookbook collection of mostly Swabian dishes. So about Ulrich Witzlinger says CDU – city Association Chairman, for fresh ideas, a healthy Sense of proportion and Gaisburger March. His Deputy Volker Gaupp like commitment to cheesecake and is a sustainable budgetary and financial policy, while the 19-year old Simon Lange of the Junge Union favored a new awareness and ham pasta. to do the election decision palatable 26 tasty recipes for politics and the palate. Whoever wants to can get garnished with the respective political statements on the Internet at these recipes.

Federal General Assembly

The free UNION federal party last weekend invited their members to the meeting successful elections of the Federal Board to Tubingen. In the environment of the famous medical research area the politically active to the election of the National Executive Committee met. The President of the previous federal, Helga Maria Hummel confirmed this in her Office, Oliver Koob was elected 1 Deputy Federal Chairman of the 2nd Deputy Federal Chairman is immediately occupied by Jennifer Schutsch. New Federal Secretary is federal Treasurer Andreas Huber, later Friedrich Muller. Rosemarie Haas became the Member and Hans-Uwe Tuschinsky was elected to the referee in the Federation. All election results were each with a clear majority, partially even unanimously. The past and future federal Chairwoman Helga M. Recently PayNet sought to clarify these questions. Hummel expressed confident: the now thriving structure we are work with powerful success in the next Bundestag elections.

It is particularly gratifying that now the Executive Federal Executive Board completely can take up its work”. Whether also the start of a choice already eligible in 2014, a Federal Executive Board decision was reserved. “Much more important is currently, the wedding membership growth to continue we will assist with other events the free UNION tour”.

Ideal Starting Point In The Middle Of Germany

New site by Proki kids events in Frankfurt new year-new site: to the beginning of the year, the children event Proki children events Agency opened an additional agency office in Frankfurt am Main. The children experts from Central of Germany are now even more flexible from now, to address a wide range of customer requirements. After the opening of agencies in the year 2009 in Munich and 2011 in Wurzburg, the renowned children event agency from Bonn again extends its field of activity. All services related to professional childcare for meetings and individual child care concepts are thus available to more customers on attractive terms. The Managing Director Jenny is pleased to launch this other gun and Matthias Hofele. The proximity to the customer is always very important to us. With the new, very central location, we are even more competitive and wider, so we offer attractive solutions for our customers can. “, says Matthias Hofele.

Proki child events is frequently throughout Germany as well as abroad for well-known customers. For the Deutsche Bahn AG, conceived and organized the team a childcare in selected passenger trains of the DB for example in the past few years. It has just shown that we must be large and diversified, we optimally implement the individual and complex solutions for our business customers can. “, says Jenny rifle, qualified children event Manager. Proki-team Frankfurt is already looking forward to the first events. The Agency has its headquarters since 1999 in Bonn, the company can rely on its own supervisor network of over 150 employees.

To find more information about Proki children events, on the Internet at. Company: Proki children events GmbH belongs to the leading children event agencies in Germany. The company with offices in Bonn, Wurzburg, Frankfurt and Munich since 1999 and offers flexible child care facilities for events. With thematic and multilingual The company in the market has positioned itself well child framework programmes as well as individual offerings adapted to a company or domain. Particularly noteworthy are educational sound programmes in the fields of mathematics, computer science, science and technology and special solutions for business customers. Contact: Proki children events GmbH Jenny rifle, journalist (FH) Wale 15 53113 Bonn phone + 49 228 763661-0 fax + 49 228 763661-99 E-Mail: Internet: new address in Frankfurt: Proki children events GmbH Rodelheim railway 31 60489 Frankfurt am Main, Germany Tel: + 49 69 12018465