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To only strengthen the concepts and our reflection, it sees the meanings of the words Mediocre Inertia and, according to Michaelis dictionary. inertia sf (lat inertia) 1 Fs Property that has bodies not to modify for itself proper its state of rest or movement. 2 Falta of action, lack of activity. 3 Laziness, indolncia, torpor. 4 Incapacity. 5 Ignorance of any art. 6 passive Resistance.

Cultural, Social I.: capacity disclosed for determined cultural elements to resist the change and to perpetuate in a cultural way the one that are not adjusted. mediocre adj (lat mediocre) 1 medium Medium or. 2 Meo. Some contend that Jeremy Tucker shows great expertise in this. 3 That it is between good and bad. 4 That it is between small great e. 5 Ordinary, sofrvel, vulgar. sm 1 That one that has little talent, little spirit, little merit. 2 What it has little value.

As we can see, inertia comes of an incapacity of change, lack of action, laziness passivity, and the mediocrity directly is related inside of this context of stagnation. Everybody wants to be successful, wants to give itself well, wants a good wage, wants promotion, recognition and power. But few are the chemical preparations for these conquests of complete, ethical form, with meritocracia and of sustainable form. The professional support passes for a process of update and constant qualification in its area of performance, and very goes beyond the knowledge pautadas technician and professional experiences in an extraordinary resume; but it is also in the capacity of interpersonal relationship, the capacity of if having empatia, in the education, the cradle, in the principles, values, in the humildade, the ethical positioning, the abilities of if communicating, persuading, and if to enhance, to give emphasis and to be reference in what you make of more good. To reach the professional support she is necessary to have positive attitudes the all instant, to have initiative, pro-activity, claw and perseverance, therefore, the look of who wants a sustainable career is not of short term, but yes a holistic vision, where each chance, exactly that it is of the first period of training or the first job, either used to advantage and faced as an only experience of learning absorption of new knowledge. A sustainable career perpassa for a learning process where constant challenges are part of the same, is a process of donation, abdication and personal belief. The professional support is in the contrahand of inertia, the mediocrity and the comfort. We can say that it is a philosophy of life, where is a process of perpetual learning, however taken root in solid bases that they give security to the professional to walk of independent, enterprising form or of prominence in any organization. The professional of today needs to be antenado, on, informing, and to search knowledge to multidiscipline to understand the dynamics of the world and the life. It needs to premake use itself new challenges, to make beyond that it he is requested, to be open to the new, the new learnings, to look in the eye, to break paradigms, barriers, to be less self-centered and more human, participativo, more collective, firm, insistent, persistent, to be focado, and less prepotent. At last, closed people stop change and with looking at myope, the proportional fruits go spoon its limited attitudes the short and long stated period. To the step that, people with eagle vision, are inclined to leave a legacy. She thinks on as you go to write its history. Thayane Fidelis de Consulting Aquino of Marketing and Sales thayane@ asaestrategias.com.br to read this and other articles, has access:


With this necessity of changes it is that the companies had started to more invest each time in the training of the employees. With the public competition the access to the available vacant was democratized. Many times the candidate nor always has affinity with the area where he was approved. As they do not give to select the professional market with the desired profile, the state-owned companies need to invest fort in the formation of its proper professionals offering strategies of changes, motivation, lectures, courses of perfectioning and recycling. On the basis of the used procedures technician, the present research if delineates as being bibliographical established in diverse areas of the human knowledge, turning on the objectives specified here. The authors who will serve of arrive in port theoretical for the present research are cited in the theoretical recital of the project displayed here.

However, in elapsing of the research, the addition of other authors will be able to occur. Currently, the thematic one of this project comes despertando the interest of managers and enterprise leaders; what it makes possible and it favors the appearance of research sources. With the real necessity of if constructing a Company where employee they work with motivation, one searchs with this research to inform practical solutions for this modification, therefore the reality of the picture of motivation of employees of a company is important so that the same one if develops with positive goals of growth. What the administration private public and can invest as reply that creates perceivable positive modifications for the society? Today, as much the public career how much the private one left of being a dream for many. Ahead of this negative image next to the people, what the administration in general must make to improve enterprise the social and economic development? The citizenship is not constructed ignoring the work as a felt generating characteristic of of the activities that if carry through.

Enterprise Management

Of the owner of the market, the land, the neighbor We have the trend to find that never we are guilty for this or that e, when does not exist one ' ' culprit palpvel' ' (owner of the market, neighbor, friends.) we place the guilt in ' ' indefensvel' '. Generally, government, company and God! He is this same. God. He was God who wanted or he did not want thus. Rare we take the reins of our destination and say: I errei. I must have done of this or in that way and I did not make.

E now? Now? It talks with who knows that you better as to decide the problem. It decided? Perfect. It raises the head, it learns with your errors and it follows the life. Another trend is ' ' he is not with me ' '. For diverse times I was the companies to ask, to question, to complain of something and was received with the celebrity ' ' not he is with me ' '.

Everything that says respect your company and to your customer is WITH YOU YES. The responsibility calls pra itself before the customer. It decides the problem of it. It has taken it until who can decide. If it will not have, really, a solution, makes, gentile, educated e, mainly professionally the customer to understand the impossibility to take care of it., Is certain that the customer will leave ITS company thanked for having been taken care of well and &#039 will not be felt plus one; ' vitima' ' of a company. Nobody more than to you yourselves does not impute the responsibility of your success to. You only can bring the happiness until you. Nobody more. eloysouza@ eloysouza.com.br Eloy Ribeiro de Souza, is Administrator of Companies and after graduated Enterprise Management and Methodology of Superior Ensino, beyond diverse complementary courses in such a way in Brazil how much in the exterior. Palestrante, poliglota, with experience of more than 20 years in foreign commerce, what it made possible to it, the routine convivncia with many cultures, and, for consequncia, to know personal and professional positions that, today, are subjects of its lectures for all Brazil.

Robert Lewis Stevenson Chegar

' You cannot run away from the weakness, you she needs some time to deal with them or to perish, and if this is thus, why not now, and where you are? ' ' Robert Lewis Stevenson Chegar a time in the career of all (or the life in general), when a person is invited to identify its primary weakness (or weaknesses). It is also a question of very common interview. You can not be ready for this question, that can very be embarrassing, and the reply it can not come through an ideal form. Everybody has strong and weak points – it is simply of the nature of the human being. Acceptance this and you will be very to the front in the game of the life. Had to this fact, to ignore them, to prevent them or to dissimulate that they do not have them it is of far the worse thing that can make. Hiding a problem it does not make the problem to disappear.

It learns to identify adequately and to understand its weaknesses and as if to communicate with the others. Steps 1-) It understands the question. When asked this, especially in an interview, it is not weakness that is the thing most important, is to know if you are cliente of its weaknesses and what to make with them. If the reply he will be ' ' I do not have nenhuma' ' then one becomes obvious that the main weakness is a self-knowledge lack. Moreover, it is important to understand that to be cliente of the weak points he is not the same that to be weak. To know e, to compensate, its weakness is, in fact, a very important force. 2-) It is prepared. You must examine yourself regularly to identify its primary weak points. If you do not know which you are, he cannot communicate them it the others.

The Periodical

Thus being not delivery these operations to the inexperienced hands. She is necessary many years of experience to assume the control of one of these operations. Therefore it is prepared to assume less noble functions until having experience necessary to assume that position. It looks job while it is used: Already it is very far the time that if we had in feeling insurances to them in the job. Nowadays it does not have security nor for the president and directors of the company, who can be changed in case of the company to be bought by another one. Old we tinhamos fear to send resume when we found an announcement in the periodical, without the identification of the company, therefore it could be an announcement of our proper company and would be seen as treasonous. The ideal age to pass many years in the same company, therefore this demonstrated loyalty. Currently this is seen as room and lack of commitment with the prrpia career.

Some colleagues have in the contactado one despaired by being dismissed, asking for orientation on a fast course to enter in the market of work more soon possible. Unhappyly I do not have as to help, therefore everything depends on a series of factors displayed in this text. It keeps, therefore, its resume always brought up to date and searching better chances in the work market. The book ' ' Who moved in mine queijo' ' a good one asked for of reading is on this point. If it does not neglect of its network: The word ' ' network' ' , in professional terms signifca ' ' net of relacionamentos' '. The friends, colleagues and relatives are all who can help to enter it or if to keep in the work market. So that its net is not spoken brazenly, it looks for to contactar them from time to time.