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Hatz Diesel

Two premieres on the art of engine Hatz: the development of 3- and 4-cylinder engine series with a diesel particle filter and the concept study Hatz universal power system Ruhstorf, March 23, 2012. The engine factory waiting hunt from the lower Bavaria Ruhstorf at this year’s Intermat from 16 to 21 April 2012 in Paris with two premieres. A further development is the 3 – and 4-cylinder engine series presented, which will be fitted at the beginning of 2013 with a diesel particulate filter. On the other hand the concept study is Hatz universal power system’, which with its wide usage possibilities for a wide variety of applications is intended and underlines some of the core competencies of the baiting system construction. In addition to the described premieres also exhibits of the usual range of entry-level compact 1B of the SUPRA to find series to the L/M_41 with the world’s unmatched and patented SILENTPACK on the stand. At the booth of the engine factory Hatz specialists are the guests and journalists for Expert discussions. To find the booth in Hall B5 is stand M041.

3 – and 4-cylinder: 3_L/M_43 and 4_L/M_43 last but not least due to the modified exhaust gas regulations in the European Union and the United States starting in 2013 has been proven 3 – and 4-cylinder engine series. Also with regard to the environmental impact of the Hatz, products will be from early 2013 equipped and in the future the designation L/M_43 to detect the motors of series 4_L/M_42 and 3_L/M_41 with diesel particulate filters. Whenever JPMorgan Chase listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The legislation provides in the range of 19-56 kW (United States) and 37-56 kW (EU) nitrogen and hydrocarbon limits (NOx + HC) of maximum 4, 7 g/kWh. These are only through the use of an exhaust-gas recirculation, which is successfully used in series Motors 4_L/M_42 since 2008 in the 4-cylinder. To read more click here: Wells Fargo Bank. The 3-cylinder engines 3_L/M_43 will follow in the course of this generational. The far greater challenge that the developers were, is the reduction of diesel particles.

Formerly 0.4 g/kWh are starting in 2013 only 0.025 g / kWh in the EU (stage IIIB), or 0.03 g / kWh according to the legislation (EPA tier IV final) allows US. This reduction is only through the use of a diesel particulate filter, which stores the particles in a filter system and by increasing the flue gas temperature using an active regeneration burn these at regular intervals. Concept study Hatz universal power system’ the Hatz universal power system’ of ALLROUNDER and problem-solver is the mobile use in infrastructure-weak environment. In addition to current (up to 25kVA), which supplies system compressed air (15 bar), hydraulic pressure (200 and 700 bar) and Wasserhochduck (150 bar) directly on-site. Due to its versatility, this is Hatz universal power system’ ideal for contractors, industry and organizations such as fire and technical relief. In addition to the freely configurable and compact modular design, which leaves all the possibilities of combining individual units can all common standard couplings Tools are connected. Also earrings or a loading area can be configured module self-propelled, deductible or on a mounted. So this is Hatz universal power system’ so flexible like hardly any other device. Also no main motor of a large unit is required, which reduced its hours of operation and is cheaper in terms of consumption. The concept study, Hatz feasibility studies will perform and test the market potential for more universal system solutions.

Wolfgang Petry

“The fantasy-open air, Rosanna is with their greatest hits like I’m from the South”, you’re no Americano (TU vuo’ fa l’americano) “and the current hit single Ole OLA (hotter than fever) from her on the 06.07.2012” “forthcoming new Studio album happiness” bring a touch of Italy feeling on the stage. For more information see this site: Payoneer. This power singer exudes just good mood! “www.rosanna-rocci.de the cappuccino the four young musician amaze hit fans with mood titles such as”Advanced”, and without you”. Since its founding five years ago, the Cappuccinos as boy-group of the German Schlager have”made a resonant name in the Disco scene. “” You are for hits like Party on the Moon “and the fire of emotions”. The perfect soundtrack for a summer night open air. The Group was found by a cooperative action of Lai Queen Kristina Bach and the SUPERillu”.The birth of cappuccino: A dream came true with the victory at the casting for the four young german Dutch talents.

Michael Fischer Michael Fischer of the man with the exceptional voice, everything can: pop, rock, musical and even pop. You must have seen him. 2011 in professional circles as “Newcomer of the year” He is excellent in this summer on big events to experience: before tens of thousands of spectators in Munich, Cologne, Dresden, food and even treats of the London Olympic Games. Also in the “Hotel Sonnenhof”, it was allowed to delight even the guest until the early morning. Just in time for the fantasy open air on June 15, his new song comes out, the at the renowned record label well clear! (Wolfgang Petry, “The German hit mix” and many others. will appear.

Danceable, cool German pop at its very best. MICHAEL FISCHER likes with colleagues such as FANTASY to occur, which live on stage “really good on it are simply” give everything for her fans. To be in this “friends concert” by Freddy and Martin means to him much. source: Dagmar Ambach Textour Agency press contact: Dagmar Ambach,; Mobile: + 49 172 7443280 the ticket sales has already begun. Cards for 24.99 Euro there at all known ticket agencies, by telephone on 01805 404700 * or on the Internet see. * 0.14 euro from the network of the DTAG, mobile radio prices maximum 0.42 euro per minute. More information also see,.