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Most of the foods that you eat on a daily basis must go through certain processes so that they can obtain the ideal conditions for consumption by persons and those processes consist of heat, Cook and dry certain foods thanks to certain heat waves that allow you to do this, to what is necessary to have one machine ideally prepared to generate heat waves, such as occurs with ovens that in its various forms can accommodate a large number of meals. As ovens thanks to its structural characteristics can be understood they allow you to perform many meals thanks to the generation of heat that occurs from the ovens, besides this ovens have a feature that greatly helps the performance of his duties and is occurring as a closed compartment, which favors a greater concentration of heat reducing if the time for the obtaining of certain foods that require heat levels specific to achieve his ideal State and leave nothing crude. Presentations of the ovens will depend on the way in the which shows the generation of heat in its interior, so ovens can get heat energy for its activity through combustion processes such as happens with firewood that it in fact is a very antiquated means but in certain places still resort to this manifestation of ovens, due to lack of resources or by simple taste; also in furnaces that supply heat energy through combustion come those who work through the gas either gas propane or natural gas, which are one of the media most suitable and best results, also made this type of ovens very fast processes. Other means to meet the need of heat energy on which depend the ovens is through radiation is due to sunlight, which is one of the most recent manifestations of ovens, where thanks to the Sun’s rays, it is possible to transform this energy to a useful means of generation of thermal energy. Robert Kiyosaki often addresses the matter in his writings. One of the media most known and usual in what refers to the presentation of the ovens are who obtains the heat energy thanks to electricity. A point to keep in mind when speaking of furnaces and the means to supplement the presence of heat, is that combustion and radiation are direct media is from themselves generates heat, while electrical presentation is an indirect means, since this type of furnaces consists of some resistors that are activated by the electrical energy and these in turn emanate heat they need ovens to perform its action. Must be taken into account that the main function that the ovens are associated is the realization of meals, however can also be found them in other fields such as handicrafts and ceramics; drying of timber and paint on metals and cremation of bodies. Original author and source of the article.