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We must be fully identified with the relaxation, especially when we are engaged in stressful settings, changing, challenging, and where, you need to master our emotional balance in order to avoid conflicts. The age-old practice of meditation solvent for its part, is the methodical exercising mental care and cultivation of the mind harmony, to enhance all the mental resources, learn to harness positive thoughts and stop thinking, to purify the unconscious, improving the quality of mental life and emotions, gain peace and balance, overcoming anxiety and stress and stop very efficiently, cooperate with the practitioner to improve greatly their mental, emotional and organic. The basic requirements of meditation are: Take into account that meditation is not sitting in a certain way or breathe hoping to achieve an outcome, this would premeditate. And premeditated as discussed, one thing is to think reflectively before their implementation. The intent there is an intention, a desire, a purpose, a goal, a goal, a preparation, a plan, a schedule. Someone said that meditation is not concentrated in a particular chakra in a candle, a rose or whatever. Concentrate is to force the mind to limit it to one point.

Focus group is centrally disposed, ie the very opposite of expanding. In concentration there is a reason a purpose a goal, therefore also premeditate. Meditation is not a word repeated insistently be it a mantra or a positive statement trying to convince themselves of what is not. This just be a way to disguise the fact, an escape from a delusion it is.