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Pit Charcoal To Make Barbecue

On this occasion, I’m going to go, that you yourselves can build their own furnace of Earth, in his country house, or in the garden of his house, if you have enough space, and believe me, will not regret, just imagine that from a day before, rather, from the night before, the family gathered pouring firewood kiln to have him on the verge of heat, and thus be able to enjoy a rich earth oven barbecue, or a delicious BBQ beef head, believe me, is an unforgettable experience. The first thing they have to do, is, dig a hole about a meter, a meter and a half deep, the depth of the hole depends on the amount of meat to be cooked, you, the diameter of one metre hole determines that approximately, trying that the diameter of the hole is as uniform as possible, even when the truthnor is so uniform, nor so flush, but that this does not discourage it, since it does not influence anything with the end result. d Ford Jr, New York City. Since you have your BBQ Pit, has that?fix? the walls and the the oven floor, how to do this?, very easy, by wetting and compacting, is one of the techniques that I personally worked much: buy in the supermarket, or in any market, water spray, those ladies used to iron clothes, I have also seen who use it for dipping and washing the leaves of indoor plants. As with its full spray, and in hand, proceed to moisten the walls, and your oven’s ground floor, since it has completely damp, (without Earth dropping by excessive moisture) flatten the earth gently, remember: wet and compact. Are you almost finished construct your oven from Earth for their barbecues, the final step is: get two dozens of river stones, size regular, (not so girls) and also two or three loads of firewood, preferably of encino, if you don’t know where to buy firewood, use any of the internet search engines, I recommend you the Google. Since you have everything, put River stones evenly on the bottom of your earth oven, stack firewood forming a pyramid, and turn it on, sustains fire so it can turn even, this Campfire should last approximately four hours after that time, remove a little bit of breaststroke, and a few stones, helping with a shovel, put his case to the Bouillon, put a rack on top, and then the meat, covering with maguey stalks, previously roastedcover with Earth and place stones above, that device, along with the fathoms, if you like, can ignite a bonfire on top, and continue to enjoy the night, leave the meat in the oven for six to seven hours, to ensure your cooking, and I assure you, that when you uncover that oven, a delicious and pleasant surprise will be. For all people who are interested, the next article were how to prepare the meat, step by step, to enjoy a delicious and aromatic barbecue. The author of this article, has more than 20 years in the culinary field, specializes in typical Mexican food, and have a company of events and banquets. E-mail: original author and source of the article