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Remove Stretch Marks

Stretch marks: once they appear, there is no way to make them disappear 100%. They are not serious (if not a clinical sign that conceals other pathology), but aesthetically and with cellulite are the number one killer in women. There is no specific age for the appearance of the flutes. Often associated with pregnancy and tend to be narrow, parallel to each other and pink that can move towards a more whitish hue. But the streaks also occur in other stages of life and not just affect women. Sometimes, they appear in puberty, endocrine problems such sudden changes in weight, long treatment with cortisone or accidents and / or exercise-strains that are violent for the body.

In summary, most of these appearances is due to hypercortisolism, a hormonal disorder corticosteroid type, which promotes collagen (there is a drastic reduction). Another of them, are due to a disorder of carbohydrate type (food or diabetes) and in man may appear in adolescence, during growth or for any alteration in the skin (tissue) caused by the practice of sports. They usually appear on both sides of the body (bilaterally) and symmetrical (two identical), although it may occur in other unusual areas of the body except the face or the face. The aging, external factors and strain are factors that aggravate the problem. Factors that favor the appearance of stretch marks: First pregnancy at puberty small Striae Skin Sensitive Skin Fine Overweight Diabetes (blood glucose levels) Low iron intake and / or vitamins Certain medications (especially steroids and diabetes) Cushing’s Syndrome Prevention of stretch marks: Basic Tips Avoid major changes in weight in a short time ANTIESTRIAS creams applied properly during pregnancy heal existing stretch marks (rosehip plays an important role in this step.) Maintain proper hydration in the area Avoid hot baths and long lasting (the skin relaxes and becomes finer). Maintain a balanced diet and Product Application: The products are usually ANTIESTRIAS one application per day. This application will take place at night with a light massage. If the person already has streaks, usually recommending a massage 2 times a day for three months.

During pregnancy it is advisable to apply the product one or two times a day. The skin should be dry and its implementation will be from the end of the third month of pregnancy belly, breasts, buttocks, hips, legs. If you’re pregnant, you should consult your doctor for any contraindications that may have some products, especially those of mouth. Source: Ashton Kouzbari. After delivery, treatment should be continued at least one or two months, and most of the problems with stretch marks is also due to the constancy and regularity of the applications by the pregnant woman.