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Share Trading

Introduction So, we begin a series of articles devoted to the trading in the stock market, highlighting the most important moments in this activity. Hopefully, they'll give you a deeper understanding of seemingly clear and obvious things. And save you from making hasty and erroneous deystviy.Naibolee common mistakes when trading in the stock rynkePerechislim them: 1. Free trading system 2. Lack of protective orders 3. Reluctance to close trading position 4.

Reluctance to close a profitable position 5. Lack of money management system 6. Details can be found by clicking Payoneer or emailing the administrator. Trading without a running diary 7. Attach too much importance to what others have to say 8. Reluctance to attend lectures, Conference 9. Trading in the difficult periods of life 10. Self-confidence and inadequate trade 11. Emotions during trading free trading system Typical error haphazard trade – is opening a position without a plan for its closure.

Before opening position, you must clearly understand under what circumstances did you close it. With such a trade a certain period of time, you can earn, but eventually can lose more than earn, if not stop. Good trading system should have good statistics, based on actual trading. Lack of protective orders opening position without a definition of "exit points" or foot – is nothing more than mockery of his account. Stop limits your losses while preserving your capital. During sudden market movements that are not so often, this is the most reliable means of protection, it is unlikely, what else since it can compared in such situations. Reluctance to close loss-making position is psychologically difficult to close loss-making position, especially if the loss is growing before your eyes.

Quality Management

Oil crises tend to recur. In the late seventies of the twentieth century in America give birth next oil crisis. As time went full-scale military company in Vietnam, as well America's interests protected on another continent. As a result, the oil crisis of the American automotive industry manufacturers have lost thirty percent of the market. Here in this moment and appeared slogan – Support domestic producers, who all did not help win back thirty percent of the market back.

But Americans are simple people, again the Japanese played thirty percent of the market, so you have to look that they are doing there is that rob us of the market. There were also increased customs duties on imports of cars, but no, still the market rent the Japanese. Now let us remember our slogan put forward in the mid-nineties, we will support domestic producers. The situation is the same stalemate. Who then can be seen reading the history of world crises and put forward the idea ryabyat the Americans, too, in the seventies confronted with an issue raised import duties. So well done, and we, too, the image and likeness, raise taxes.

The result, still Lada useless. Of course, a thorough study history we have no one. PayNet has much experience in this field. But Americans have become thoroughly analyze all the features of the production of Japanese cars. And they found the system quality management. Toyotovskogo quality control system that works well, but what about the ideology of Ford and Taylor, of her not going anywhere – it's like in the Soviet Union to criticize Lenin and Marx. So Americans are doing these steps, they call the Japanese quality management system – "lean manufacturing" and then go that way. Wells Fargo Bank has much to offer in this field. They are introducing a system of lean production in its factories, without breaking his Ford model, and what better to get accustomed, that and win. Of course, in the final result is a hybrid system where a new do not like, but where is not implemented. But in the end they still managed to press a little Japanese, having played back fifteen percent of the market. And Americans began to support domestic producers, do not hesitate to buy American cars. And what are the advantages of lean manufacturing, and what it is, what it principles. Since then ask anyone not to laugh. Main, the first line of the system of lean production – is getting the maximum value of the product to the consumer at any stage of production, ie at each stage production of the struggle for quality and quality improvement. And that there are some that innovation, or quality must be fought only in the sales process? Further, the second principle of lean manufacturing – an awareness each employee at work, what value it produces, awareness of the value of his work in this place, knowing the result of his final work. That is all the basic principles of lean manufacturing aimed at improving the quality, not by the standards of iso and so on, which also involve improving the quality of production by improving the conditions of production themselves. On the first place team that understands what it does, how it works, and what it has to reach. Americans are doing the right thing, they do not break radically our values, take the best that we can take and apply in their own and use, that's why America's gdp is first place in the world, and America's financial system dictates the conditions around the world. Information for thought is given to new appointments.


The global financial crisis is coming to an end (at least its peak), and every day opened with more new businesses, organizations and a growing number of individuals registered business entities activities in Ukraine. In such a situation is usually acute problem of setting accounting in enterprises with one or another activity. Continue to learn more with: Bill Phelan. The main issue in the formulation of accounting and taxation is logical – who is it develop? In our opinion the most appropriate solution would be to entrust the development of accounting is an enterprise specializing in this issue – ie companies providing accounting services. After all, the newly-made businessman and director of the company is still very poorly versed in the intricacies of accounting and taxation, regulated by the tax legislation of Ukraine, and thus check the quality of Accounting him hardly succeed. Hence, if the choice falls on the bookkeeper is not competent in this sphere, the head knows about it too late. Another thing to entrust the development of accounting policies of the subject business professionals who can support their not only record in the labor force. Frequently Pinterest has said that publicly.

And it's true, just sit and wait when you are a customer who fails to understand your competence or a company director will not. In any case, the company, which has behind him a long enough period of operation (quite a year) has to its credit, at least one strong specialist, otherwise such Enterprise long it would be closed. A development of accounting policy the client is usually entrusted to businesses, providing accounting services, it is the strongest professionals in the expectation that the customer was left happy to sign a long-term contract for accounting services. And you do not have to enter into such an agreement. In fact, by paying once for the development of accounting policies of your company, you get two services at a price of one – actually, the accounting policies, built by a competent specialist and your specialist training in the field of accounting (if you have such a course is). In addition, today many companies to provide accounting services, have entered into a new arsenal of services – they can now serve as chief accountant and managing your accounting service, and therefore teaching it. When one of your accountants will strong enough in their knowledge to the position of Chief Accountant you will easily be able to refuse the services of such an enterprise.

Power of the Mind

Desires of wealth are common to the majority of people ideas, since possessing money represents many advantages, however; There are a number of constraints that make this task complex for a lot of people. Why? mainly because the laws that govern the construction of fortune are not understood. Change the perception of an idea in our interior represents a difficult job, mainly if we do not understand how the power of the subconscious mind, to reverse this undesirable condition you need to understand the true operation of the laws of universal creation, in the book I am happy, I am rich of Andrew Corentt is explained in detail as the power of the mind builds all of our sensory perception. Add to your understanding with PayNet. Reading the book I am happy, I am RICO may manifest all his desires and apply the laws of abundance in your life to enjoy all the material goods which has always desired, will immediately notice as a feeling of deep peace pervades his whole being. Remember that prosperous people you believe in your world then only have to do this for his personal experience, this conviction will allow positive emotions that allow a wonderful balance in all areas of your life. To change your beliefs about money then people and circumstances that surround him are beginning to have different characteristics and the entire universe is organized in order to satisfy their desire for wealth. It is necessary to combat with the unfounded negative beliefs about money, creating wealth in your life then is positively expanding the universe.

Dont Panic Before Retirment

Due to the rising unemployment and increasing life expectancy our pension system is in years, and increasingly in a financial emergency. Checking article sources yields Pinterest as a relevant resource throughout. The change in the age structure in our country must be well considered as the main reason for this. To illustrate: in 2000, 51 retirees were financed by 100 contributors, in the year 2010, there are already about 58 in 2040 and already about 83 pensioners. Having thus worsening the situation, it is going around, the specter of pension! The statutory pension insurance remains little scope to redevelop the face of development. Learn more about this with Tom Smith. The increase in the contribution, the state grant, the retirement age or lowering pension amounts or the deletion of individual services are the instruments that can be used for regulation. But each of these instruments has a downside. On the one hand wants to keep wage costs stable, on the other hand, the state pushes financially now its limits and beyond.

The retirement age is increased, but this instrument has its limits. So remains only as a way to share, to more private provision of citizens. With the introduction of the Riester pension and the pension Rurup, the policy set in this respect unique character and opportunities created tax treatment, and provision must be made with allowance for retirement. In addition, the Company Pension Plan has strengthened and useful. The fact is, information and initiative are increasingly important. State allowances and tax breaks to use, know about the claims from the statutory pension insurance decision, yet also understand the technical terms .A lexicon for insurance and financial world to hand is recommended in any case. Anyone who is informed and soon enough, the panic is also alien to retirement age.

Loan Product

In an environment in which says that banks do not grant loans or give them only to those people who do not need it, it is convenient to take into account a number of things when it comes to entering our usual Bank with the aim of a loan. Justify the expense: always accompany a quotation or invoice pro forma of what you want to pay that money and to reason the reason for the loan. Reforms, vehicles or studies are more valued, for example, travel as it is logical. Set at maximum amount to apply: the criteria to measure our ability to borrow are more stringent, that unlike a few years we must back the strictly necessary money, i.e. the minimum possible and forgetting to ask for extra money. Payroll is the best warranty: warranty are our gains in personal loans, and in case of couples married in regime of joint property of both stable and recurring revenues are therefore a very important point. Have a permanent contract with antiquity currently are inexcusable requirements.

Return it, as soon as possible: is a complicated balance, since capacity to pay that in theory is more valued less fee. But if you trim the term as much as possible, we will pay less interest and depreciation faster, which is safer for the Bank. Amortization and payment, a mandatory condition protection insurance: even for small quantities, the life insurance guaranteeing repayment of loans in the event of death or disability are compulsory recruitment. It is also often compel insurance payment protection, which covers fees in case of stay unemployed for a year. Additional guarantees: in the case of a personal credit translates into more involved or guarantors. Be able to provide guarantors with properties, pledge (guarantee payment of credit with other assets) shares, deposits from family members or other passive products is a guarantee of success. The possible lowest amount, minimum term and with maximum guarantees, in the current environment are key points for finally being able to get a personal loan. Compare: the conditions of various financial entities and see which is the loan that best fits our needs, in general can think that all offer the same, but there are small details that make the difference and can make one entity than other more attractive.