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Learn Singing

This is the first of a series of articles on the care of the voice that you can access during the following weeks. As you can see, the issue that we will be trying to is the importance of caring for the voice, and we will discuss what hurts and what benefits your vocal apparatus, important issue especially if we take into account that we only have one, and without spare parts. So I encourage you to keep attentive. A few days ago in a web forum someone asked if drinking alcohol impairs or damages the voice and someone replied that it was just a myth and that alcohol is used to clean and warm up the vocal chords to sing. I didn’t ask where he got that information, but scientific and medically it is totally erroneous. Alcohol (epecialmente in excess) Yes damaged the vocal apparatus, and in general of voice production. Learn more at this site: Ben Silbermann. First, while it is true that alcohol can serve as a cleaning agent for its astringent nature, the reality is that the vocal cords are two very thin muscle fibers and that fact alone makes it dangerous to give them continuous baths of alcohol, because they can burn so to speak, because that astringent characteristic irritates the mucous membrane which protects and covers the throat.

Second, alcohol does not heat up the vocal chords to sing, irritates them is different. To warm up the voice there are very effective exercises to achieve this purpose. Thirdly, alcohol has a diuretic effect on the body, this causes us to lose water through urine and that dehydrates it if not we invigorate lost moisture, which has as a logical consequence, dryness in the voice. If this explanation does not convince you, just think of Jose Jose, Prince called good of the song, whose excesses with alcohol brought him as result the gradual loss of his vocal ability. Sad reality. So if you drink, do it in moderation, or if possible avoid it completely, I prefer the second option, because as the facts show, alcohol damaged the voice, that without hesitation. Click on learn singing, claim your free singing course and still learning how to care for your voice.