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Naruto Movie

Naruto – Manga aimed primarily at an audience boyish, was created Masaci Kishimoto and published in 1999, the magazine Shonen Jump company Shueisha. At this point in the original language produced 373 chapters in 41 combined volume. Success which takes manga in Japan since the first publication, was so great that shortly after it created numerous video games and TV series filmed. Anime appeared on Japanese television October 3, 2002 and still continues to out, the audience has already seen the 250 series and, apparently, to the end is far away. The story tells of the hyperactive ninja Naruto Uzumaki, a teenager who dreams of becoming a great ninja.

However, to gain the respect of others, he has to go through thousands of obstacles: ninja exams, various missions, the complexity of the infusion of other team ninja. His strong and stubborn character, with exceptional opportunities, helping him in many situations … The story in the anime Naruto is a story about starting a ninja, just graduated from the Academy and received a "certificate" in the form of dressings. Immediately after the heroes come in a variety of alterations and dangerous situations, make friends, meet the enemy. Twelve years ago, before the main event, a giant fox attacked Konoha Nine – Naruto village. For the sake of the village, the fourth Hokage – the village chief – sealed the spirit This fox inside Naruto's child by name. Hokage died, becoming the hero of his village, hoping that people thought Naruto hero, too. Unfortunately, for most of Naruto – Nine foxes, so they hate it.

Their children do not know his secret, but also hate, as well as their parents. Home dream primary character – Naruto – to become the best ninja in his village, that is Hokage. On the way to this dream is a lot of obstacles: the surrounding, which do not recognize Naruto and despise him, skeptical classmates, teachers who consider it the worst student of the possible. Over time, this list is added and the enemies that are set very firmly. But Naruto does not give up and his actions still manages to convince everyone, including spectators. The series begins with the fact that Naruto finishes training in the "Academy of the Ninja" and have successfully passed all exams, begins to perform various missions in the team with two peers and one teacher (sensei) is gradually being improved. After six months comes time for your next exam, but it can not complete successfully because of the surprise attack on their home village. Attack can discourage, but the village headman loses (Hokage), and Naruto – one of his friends, who decided to switch sides. Almost all subsequent actions of the main characters motivated by a desire to return of the past, but so far they do not failed.


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Renaissance, or Renaissance, – two hundred year era of flourishing arts and sciences, which began in Italy around 1350 and spread throughout Europe. Even at the end of the XIV century, Italy was the richest and most populous part of the Europe. At that time it was divided into about 250 city-states ruled by the rich and noble families. That there has been a rapid surge in the development of culture and science. Scientists have put forward new ideas about the structure the world, educated people to re-open the art and philosophy of ancient Rome and Greece. Two hundred year era of discovery and change, known as the Renaissance. Italy has retained much of the heritage of ancient Roman civilization, though it was long passed into oblivion. Only in the middle of the XIV century, scientists began to rewrite the ancient manuscripts, and distribute them.

They contained information about the history of the ancient world and works of architecture, science and art. In Italy, were also works of the ancient Greeks, who were in Constantinople to its conquest by the Turks in 1453, the philosophical, literary and scientific works of ancient authors made on thinkers of the Renaissance impressed, they decided to revive the spirit of classical times. A new type of thinking – Humanism, brings people a central place in the universe. Wealthy aristocrats who ruled the Italian cities pay for correspondence manuscripts. Mighty Florentine Medici clan spared no expense in the art. Lorenzo de 'Medici, who ruled Florence from 1469 to 1492, even nicknamed the Magnificent, because he gathered around him the most prominent scientists and artists of his time. Francesco Sforza, who became duke of Milan in 1450, also famous as a generous philanthropist. In the Renaissance there were such great artists as Michelangelo and Raphael, who created the new style of painting, while greatly contributed to its development.