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Loan Product

In an environment in which says that banks do not grant loans or give them only to those people who do not need it, it is convenient to take into account a number of things when it comes to entering our usual Bank with the aim of a loan. Justify the expense: always accompany a quotation or invoice pro forma of what you want to pay that money and to reason the reason for the loan. Reforms, vehicles or studies are more valued, for example, travel as it is logical. Set at maximum amount to apply: the criteria to measure our ability to borrow are more stringent, that unlike a few years we must back the strictly necessary money, i.e. the minimum possible and forgetting to ask for extra money. Payroll is the best warranty: warranty are our gains in personal loans, and in case of couples married in regime of joint property of both stable and recurring revenues are therefore a very important point. Have a permanent contract with antiquity currently are inexcusable requirements.

Return it, as soon as possible: is a complicated balance, since capacity to pay that in theory is more valued less fee. But if you trim the term as much as possible, we will pay less interest and depreciation faster, which is safer for the Bank. Amortization and payment, a mandatory condition protection insurance: even for small quantities, the life insurance guaranteeing repayment of loans in the event of death or disability are compulsory recruitment. It is also often compel insurance payment protection, which covers fees in case of stay unemployed for a year. Additional guarantees: in the case of a personal credit translates into more involved or guarantors. Be able to provide guarantors with properties, pledge (guarantee payment of credit with other assets) shares, deposits from family members or other passive products is a guarantee of success. The possible lowest amount, minimum term and with maximum guarantees, in the current environment are key points for finally being able to get a personal loan. Compare: the conditions of various financial entities and see which is the loan that best fits our needs, in general can think that all offer the same, but there are small details that make the difference and can make one entity than other more attractive.