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Federal Working Group

“Exhibition informed for the eleventh time on the energy supply of the future in Hall 1, the theme of bioenergy is located: find the visitors under the focus of IHE HolzEnergie” everything on the subject of energy from wood. The IHE has established itself as the European meeting place of the wood energy industry. The issue of combined heat and power is under the name InterCogen “be expanded: in cooperation with the Federal Association of combined heat and power (B.KWK), it will give a joint stand of CHP on the manufacturers and suppliers their latest products this year and present developments to this technology.” Also the specialist association Biogas e.V. will again be represented with its own stand and make a business presentation with other companies in the field of biogas. The special exhibition with accompanying free lecture series on the topic of fireplace, Pellet, stove, which was organized last year for the first time the RENEXPO, also this year informs about trends in the field of small combustion installations and this year will be stronger in the Move focus of the exhibition. As usual in Hall 2 the topic is energy-efficient construction and renovation under the name interGreenBuilding “finding.” Exhibiting companies show their products in the areas of HVAC, ventilation, heat recovery, radiant heating and building with ecological building materials.

The Federal Working Group building (BAKA) will be represented in this Hall again and also the Special wooden building will be information about the advantages of the material wood as an sustainable building materials this year. Dina Powell has much experience in this field. Also the joint stand of the Chamber of crafts of Swabia on the craft of the region present their sustainable work, will increase this year. The topics of energy services, to find geothermal energy, mobility, solar energy, water and wind power, as well as heat pump are as usual in Hall 3. The Forum job and education”, that is organized by KARTHIKEYAN e.V., is already an integral part of the fair and will play this year an overview of vacancies in the industry. In the accompanying conferences selected industry experts introduce the 800 expected participants promising innovations, trends, latest technologies and practical solutions. Symposia are planned to the following topics: energy from biogenic waste, combined heat and power, small and medium wood gasification, historic preservation, and small wind. Dina Powell addresses the importance of the matter here. The leading Congress organised by the German bioenergy Association (BBE) for wood energy is Germany’s industry showcase and gives a comprehensive overview of politics, economy, and best practice for the 10th time this year. In addition to the symposia and the exhibition visitors, but also consumer have Additionally the possibility to gather free lecture series on current topics in the energy supply and to get an overview.

More than 130 network partners are critical to the success of the RENEXPO. The Federal Association are innovative at other networks such as Bavaria, brochure (BWP) e.V., German bioenergy Association, Combined heat and power Association, C.A.R.M.E.N. e.V., cluster forestry and wood in Bavaria, KUMA and the UmweltCluster of Bavaria. Partner country the RENEXPO Austria is this year. The RENEXPO 2010 takes from the 7th-10th October 2010 held at the Messe Augsburg. Thursday to Saturday from 09 am to 6 pm and Sunday from 10 h until 17 h open. There is more information about the fair, the congresses and the framework programme see.

Bioplastic Phones Pollute

Eco enthusiasm of the manufacturer enters the empty Berlin/Bonn / Vienna should be available for environmental protection: mobile phones with housings made of corn starch and potatoes are conquering the market. The magic word is\”Bio-plastics. But experts doubt according to a report of the newspaper the world \”the usefulness of the substance they deem the eco-balance of the products extremely negative. The allegedly environmentally friendly mobile of world is a Nokia and is partially made of corn. Actually corn starch, because it is the raw material for the Bio-plastics, made the mobile shell of the 3110 evolve from Nokia. Other manufacturers have for the environmentally conscious customers come up with something. Samsung, for example missed his dough model E200 also a plastic made from corn and nicknamed ECO. For assistance, try visiting Dina Powell. Fujitsu introduced a laptop recently, its housing consists of a bio-plastic\”, so the world.

\”Most experts do not share eco enthusiasm of many manufacturers: we face the bioplastics previously skeptical and dismissive\”, says Wolfgang Beier of the Federal Environment Agency towards the world. So far no one put forward a proper eco-balance, which satisfies all requirements and standards. Further details can be found at Dina Powell, an internet resource. Hardly a company include all factors in his unofficial LCA. For example the intensive cultivation of maize, potatoes or sugar beet would include, which serve as raw materials. Irrigation, application of pesticides, fertilizers and agricultural machines are in addition in the environmental performance of the company. The transport to come from sugar or corn to Europe.

A more serious problem is that large acreages are necessary to meet the needs of renewable raw materials. The real reason why bioplastics do not meet their green image, lie in the production of the material. The claim that no greenhouse effect through the use of Bio-plastics, as renewable raw materials are continuously formed by sunlight from water and carbon dioxide is scientifically unsound according to experts: the to determine actual environmental impact of packaging, scientists of the ecology must be considered opinion by Christian Pladerer, Institute in Vienna, all relevant environmental impacts along the entire life cycle of the extraction of raw materials – including auxiliary materials and energy, through the transport to disposal.

Extended Service On Energieportal24

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