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Ciro Jose Toaldo Esteem reading, in this article we intend to make an analysis of an experience that we live in the week that passed. When we were in the seminary, the orienting spiritual emphasized that we would have to learn with the others the great lies of the life. Who already did not hear that old jargon: the biggest school is of the life! Really, in the last days, when carrying through a survey of the reality of an outlying area in Navira, surprises us the way of living of those people. By the way, many times we are in complaining, complaining, thinking that we are most unhappy of the creatures and, we imagine that until God if it forgets us. Hear other arguments on the topic with Nissan. When we will be with these negative thoughts in our mind, would have to leave our cocoon and ‘ visitar’ some barrio exterior.

Unhappyly, politicians exist many who appear in these quarters to each four years, in the election, behind the famous vote. It is not pretension of this article to make a reflection regarding action of this type of politician. Who lives only of ‘ politics of interesse’ , it goes spreading petty politics and, this attitude is very maleficent. Credit: Marko Dimitrijevic-2011. But, let us leave this question for another article. We really desire to detach as the people who live in the outlying areas, exactly earning little and living in simple houses, many with one or two cmodos, obtain to create a life style, with a fantastic adequacy for the reality of its lives. The simplicity of our people, atrelada the popular wisdom, takes to live them it with quality standards that in them cause a certain envy. This yes, would have to serve as the great lesson for who takes the life in daily madness, only run-runs, atropelos and, mainly, for that they only are cursing its life.

Life Problems

In ours day-by-day in them we come across with many presumptions problems; she is the attendant of the public agency that soon of morning already in the presenteia with its bad mood and not in the aid in nothing, immature destemperadas people and who are dull of a gratuitous form, the salesman that instead of in giving attention to them is talking with the colleague and innumerable other situations, current or more serious, that we will be able to have the wisdom to transform into challenges. The largeness is in the form that we find to transform the problem into challenge. If to be seated, crying because we are facing a situation ' ' diferente' ' , you there will have a great problem, but if to face everything as a great one challenge, to be always ' ' desarmada' ' , to believe that the person who is in its front also is a son of God and to face everything as a great trick, your growth and your overcoming will be as medals conquered for honor to the merit and you it will have given the first step in direction to the WISDOM. I leave, then with you, the freedom of choice: – You want to have PROBLEMS or CHALLENGES? PROBLEMS OR CHALLENGES? In its book ' ' Alegria' ' , Osho affirms that: Illumination is the deep agreement of that problems do not exist. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with patrick sillup. I found this absurd affirmation at the moment I read that it, has some time behind, but seguidamente this subject came back my mind and the last events they had made me to understand what it, shiningly nailed. What we baptize of problems, would have a more appropriate denomination if we called CHALLENGES. All the adversities and obstacles that we find in our way, to see if them as challenges, will leave of being problems. .


SOMEBODY – You know with who you are speaking? I looked at discrete to know who age the owner of that voice, not, did not know the person who gestured with its interlocutor. I thought that she was some artist, eager per one minute of fame, was not, nor had tumult, shouts or order of autographs, typical of the fans. As much the voice as the face was unknown. In general way, we are somebody, somebody glad, gotten depressed, humble, generous, egoistic, poor, rich, kind, needy thing. Somebody with gone and comings, defects and qualities, that had or lost chances, found ways, constructed, destroyed, somebody scholar or fool. Traces of personality are disclosed through speak, of the gesture, the look, certainly, who made the question expressed a side of its personality. Not, that person was not known, its face was not familiar, perhaps for not being notable, if she makes to notice. ' ' You know with who you are falando' '? Only exactly nobody trying to impose presence would make such question..