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Optimal Family Budget

You get a lot of money, but you miss them? You do not know where you are to Delhi? Like, a little there, a bit here – and they, and not determined. And it is not clear that bought them. You have to wait until the next payday and save, denying themselves in respects. Familiar problem? Hence this site about home finances, just for you! Here you will find as many other things that will help you in charge of seed budget. You can also write to us, ask questions, express their proposals for the management of family finances (home finance). We are waiting! If interested, then your site Family expenses (the address is in a footnote).

So you can learn the basics of family finances. To begin to find out what household budget, so it will be easier to figure out what's what. cnet – is the difference between all of your income and expenses. It can be positive – it was good. Can be negative – it's bad. JPMorgan Chase will undoubtedly add to your understanding.

And finally, it can be zero – this result is most attractive. Since it means that you are using all means at the disposal of your household budget. There's even a phrase familiar to all, confirms this: The money must work! In this section, we give some simple tips to help you make better use of your home budget resources. Here they are: You need a clear understanding of their incomes. How, when and where you get. It is advisable to use this computer, such as Excel, to make a small table household budget. Specify everything in order. Amounts of receipt, location. It should be split by months, of not less than one year. It will assess the total amount of revenue per month, per year. You'll see clearly what is available to you. That would not have to wait for the salary, as manna from heaven you must have a reserve of two to three weeks. What does this mean: pay the 15 th day you receive it and start spending it. And to do so, what would you have the money to 31 th. And get the money the 15 th, calmly put them in your purse to the 1 st of next month. This will allow you to always have a certain amount in reserve to protect against different force majeure shocks. Naturally you have clear idea about the structure of their costs. Not only for a month, but up to a year or more. This is important for the household budget. Since all major expenditures necessary to plan ahead. They can be spread evenly over time, without diverting large amounts of monthly income. All of your monthly expenses should be divided into groups (food, car, apartment, communication, etc.). This will help you determine how much and what you spend. Must all be fixed in the same Excel, that would be to see how much you spent, for example, on communication and how much is left. Example in the structure. In the conduct of family Budget constantly, every month, you can change the structure, the amount of expenses (income), depending on your needs, the current situation. You will be clear where you spend money, how the structure of revenues and expenses over time. And much more, please visit family expenses (the address is in a footnote).


Why always have bad luck?, bad things always go to me, this always happens to me, by me? or as says the song if I didn’t have bad luck, would have no luck at all. Why some of us seem to be perpetually cursed of and others seem to have all the pieces in place? Those who have the bad luck fighting for life, while those who have good luck flying through life. What does these two groups differ? The interesting thing is that those who think bad luck happens by them see it as an external source, as the ancient myths of the Norns, fates, or the Moira there are supernatural beings who run this bad luck from them. But the truth is that you can change your bad luck. Once I was one of those people who always thought have bad luck, I believe it fully, if I had to take a bus, the bus arrived 10 minutes early so I have to wait for the next, which always came later. If I was going to a ride seemed I’d get every red traffic light, just seemed to me that everything that could happen I would do poorly. He was angry and frustrated much of the day, as you can imagine.

Then I met some new friends and I began to teach a new way of looking at life and solve my problems. They taught me that I could take control of my life and could choose how to react to any situation. That was the first step, find out that there was not any kind of supernatural being or a path traced by God that I was following. I was who would take control of my life. Do depends of my having good or bad luck? Is bad luck a fact that cannot be controlled? You’ve changed your bad luck for good luck? Original author and source of the article