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Clavelina Flower

As you know there are a lot of flowers, but there are some that are more popular than others, as with the carnation, which is one of the flowers that can be found easily with May in many parts, perhaps only surpassed by Roses, carnations as is favored greatly by its beautiful form and variety of colors they have, which are all very nice, which is very attractive to the eye of anyone. In earlier times the carnation could become the most popular flower in the world, yet on the market of flowers were introduced a lot of changes and innovations that had an impact on sales and demand and hence carnation cultivation decreased, but were not all negative consequences for the carnation, as this led to the lovers of this beautiful flower gave rise to new manifestations of carnation with new scents, sizes, colors and even new formats, allowing the carnation would not be displaced by the news of the floriculture.

The large group that does the carnation, is formed by 250 different species, representing a huge variety of colors and fragrances, there are also other variations depending on the species, since the life of these flowers varies depending on their classification, since there are annual flowers that are there will be another presentation of lively carnation. Among the many highlights of the carnation samples standard mode and the so-called spray, which flaunt the red tones, after these presentations are very common in the white colors pink, pink, yellow and orange. Very important in the carnation, the color, since this is one of the most distinctive features within the carnation, as it acts as a means of identifying the species of this flower. The carnation has a loose and growing vertically, together with a woody base and stems can reach a height of 90 centimeters, which may influence the fact that both the stalks and stems of these flowers sometimes need a support, otherwise yield to the same weight of the flower supported on a stalk that can not resist. The carnation is a flower belonging to the group Carifilaceas plants, characterized by the ease at the time of collection of flowers. Something very important to take into account within the carnation is the flower of their own distribution, which leads to three different general classifications within the group of carnations, which are the standard presentation or also called uniflora, presenting an average size, the another version of the carnation flower is great, finally found the small-flowered carnation, which in turn is divided into mini or spray, which also often called Clavelina and other micro presentation is presented below one size even more.