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Contradiction Manager

Most interestnoe that this does not necessarily three different people, it's three faces personality. What is this person? Let's try to understand. The entrepreneur is a dreamer. He turns the circumstances in the tremendous opportunities. Entrepreneur of the future lives will never last. He was an innovator, gennerator ideas. He is happiest when he is given the opportunity to imagine, free to build structures like: "What if ' or 'If so, then ". He said something comes up, develops, leads the people that come up again and so indefinitely.

Manager is that part of us, who buy for the garage, plastic cells, and adds back various bolts, screws, nuts. It hangs all the tools in their places, and not to be mistaken as a consequence, makes the pictures you want. While the entrepreneur thrives due to the changes, the manager instinctively strives for the status quo. Where an entrepreneur sees an opportunity, the manager sees the problem the manager is building a house, and then infused into him for a lifetime. While the entrepreneur is building a house and immediately taken to plan the next one.

From the contradiction between vision and pragmatism of the manager entrepreneur born all the great projects. The specialist is the creator. 'If you want everything to be right, do it all himself' – that's the credo specialist. Specialist performs all the technical work. He thinks only about the work that needs to be done – but in this case thinking productively. We can say that while the entrepreneur dreams manager fusses, a specialist part of the essence.

Internet Start

Here's to you and your business. If you have a talent in writing poems, 2-3 days of intensive but fruitful work and you're the owner of own business. Feel like a proud sounds! And when some promote your project and the income will be equal to your current salary, send your boss away and leave on free bread. After all, you just want it? Let us once again verify that you did not have any misunderstandings or useless and indeed harmful doubt. 1. Determined by the direction in which you want to act. Savvy than you like to do. 2.

Begin to act in this direction (not yet Going back). If you're lucky, get to the point the first time. If there is no need to try 2-3 variants. 3. Gain valuable experience in your field, understands what's what. 4. Trying to start create your own business, not Going back to the previous job.

5. Do all this with intelligence and without large investments. 6. Ideal – start your project with the Internet. 7. Get irreplaceable entrepreneurial experience and when you start earning an amount that is comparable to your current salaries, one waving a pen boss goodbye. Now it seems everything. If you are after this information is afraid of something or not want to understand what risks, then it is better calm down and keep quiet to walk every day at your favorite office. Favorite thing – not for you. Just accept this fact and all the cases. And for those who, after reading this article firmly to himself decided it was time to change something in their lives, to inform you that the saying "nothing ventured, nothing gained, you can throw out of her vocabulary, as it is now to you has nothing to do. Because you are now know how you can create your own, and even to the same and your favorite cause without the slightest risk to his nervous system, and of course your wallet. Good luck and success to you business!