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Attracting Customers To Reduce Costs

By: Diana Fontanez flew toward the present and now joy of fame, an aggressive exposure in the media, hundreds of customers and thousands of beloved readers. All without paying a cent on advertising. Now I am investing in paid advertising and I confess that I was afraid at first. What if spending more? What if not? Is it worth the investment? How will I see results? I guess you could be going through the same and this is what I suggest … 1.

I'm investing in Facebook Facebook paid advertising and pay per click, but the ad is only shown to people who are in Puerto Rico. In your advertising, you choose where your customer will invest only where the customer is. 2. Attract the click The customer clicks the ad and goes to a landing page where I mention that free gift to my newsletter. In your landing page, forget about selling. People do not know, therefore it is essential that you first have built the confidence to take the person to the sale. 3.

I offer my products Not everyone will buy in the first visit, but always offer my products than welcome to my newsletter. After all, at the end of the day the question is, how did you do today? 4. Educo me as an expert through educational articles in my newsletter and I'm always promoting products and services they sell. Do the same for your business. People buy from those who know and trust.