SMEs Investments

Clear is now, in terms of financing, many financial institutions that are aimed at micro and small enterprises, within the General requirements to apply the respective study (usually with guidelines set out by the financial institution), under certain guidelines which will be evaluated by the head of credit and in accordance with criteria as referred to in the first two paragraphs of this sub-paragraphthey brought him up to level of study will be required. Then the decision to implement the project can be taken at three different times, the first is when he has completed the profile of the project and be the very favourable results, coupled with extensive experience of the designer (eye, that there is always a calculated risk, based on controllable variables and/or) (predictable quantifiable), you can take the decision to carry out the project, but only at the level of small investments (in some up to medium-sized investments), i.e. at the level of SMEs. The second moment is when the prefeasibility study, has concluded with positive results, which consider the information provided and results obtained by the study are sufficient for the decision to carry it out, i.e. the uncertainty has been reduced to levels that allow the designer making a favorable decision. At this level we are talking about mainly medium-sized investments; but also many small investments can give. The costs of this study are already considerable and often are prohibitive for SMEs. The third time, is at the end of the definitive studies or feasibility and if favorable results, takes the decision to carry out the investment project, here of course justified in large investments, the large company, to consider the costs that involves carrying out this study, hence, that only large investors can afford to do so..