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The sector-neutral standard software enomic.webconfigurator is flexible for adjustments depending on the needs and usage situation. Products with high complexity can be depicted in their logic in the enomic system. So, circular staff have created a product model from the different server architectures training among other things using the rule wizard without programming knowledge. The rule wizard supports the user in the enomic.webconfigurator in the management of variants, so that the individual care of all conceivable combinations can be omitted as this is, however, necessary in the version management of ERP that works with maximum models. In addition to the product model, circular employees in the enomic.webconfigurator have saved also texts and graphics, explanations and illustrative material support when configuring the customer.

Then they have the individual in the interface editor Bedienoberfache designed to set the sequence, structure and design of the query process. In the interface editor, circular staff linked the controls and display options with the previously set model of the product and its texts and graphics. Finally, the program codes for the Internet page are generated automatically and can be used immediately. Bring the circular employees only the product model on the latest updates and button to generate the code. Thus, the circular Webkonfigurator is already updated and eliminates costly programming.

Result: The company circular information systems has expanded the existing B2B web shop with the online product configurator, so that in addition to the previous standard articles from now on also varied products over Internet can be sold. Thus, the enomic.webconfigurator is an ideal system for more customer service. More information under: press contact intermediate GmbH & co. KG Christian Blomberg Marketing / Public Relations Durmersheimer Strasse 55 D-76185 Karlsruhe phone: 0721 / 986 44-50 fax: 0721 / 986 44-99 E-Mail: