Positive Images

Many people do not realize the importance that can have on our lives associate images and positive emotions to each word that we use or in the different events that we face on a daily basis. All have had unpleasant experiences and actually makes no sense remember them because every time we do we give power to that idea and our minds assume that we want to live that experience again. To make your life good way marche you must associate good images at all times and must avoid what you walk away from a bad memory. Other leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki offer similar insights. How ideas and emotions is complex so it is necessary to focus all our energies on what is desired, an opposite case is the find with people who complain about everything, for those people his life becomes an ordeal because their minds associated that they are enjoying the pain. Andrew Corentt in his book the secret of the power of goals tells us how the mind Associates words with images for example if we mention phrases like baked chicken, party and hospital immediately our brain processes a large amount of images and sensations, perhaps we should remember the aroma of chicken, we see its color, tray, we recall when we remove from the oven, etc. Then you should make use of words that your mind associate with good emotions because it will then tend to create more of those emotions, actually a theatre you should do with your life, every thing that makes think that people greets him with joy and they say phrases such as the following: good morning beautiful this day, I congratulate, you have done an excellent jobwell you look, it is totally rejuvenated, you very well is that shirt, good morning Lord, in which we can serve you, for us always is a pleasure to serve you, etc.