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Planning strategy as mental anticipation of future events. She should indicate in what ways the goals can be reached. Implementation tactics as implementation of the planned into operational reality. Here, for example, organization, personnel, and work are necessary. Control which should demonstrate the Soll-Ist-Vergleichs, whether it succeeded, the plans in the Features and capabilities of a group are different from the sum of the features and capabilities of the individuals in the group. The whole is more than the sum of its individual elements: 2 + 2 = 5 Socio-technical systems need only assistance in the solution of their problems according to the theory of systemic organizational consulting. The solution must come from within. “Experts of the problem” are the employees who have the problem. The systemic consultant focuses on coaching, inspiration, and leading questions.

Can a social system, as a company, a Department, or a group only understand if you know the rules of the in formal area, that system guides the behavior of the people in this Sub. Because problems to solve are inherently related to the social system, following starting points arise for a solution from a systemic perspective. Change: in relation to the people, conflict the subjective interpretations, vision, mission, motivation code of conduct and the -based common interpretations, values worlds interaction structures, tolerance the system environment, with regard to the future direction of development and / or the speed of development. Quelle/(C) by…, author also in the understanding of company-team’s a paradigm shift has taken place in recent years: way of the static-linear cause-effect thinking (causality) to feel, think and act in dynamic multiblen correlations. Note: Today’s multi (4) dimensional world you can not manage, if you only (s) has (their own) dimension in the head!