Malaga Spain

Many are tourists who visit Malaga every year, and most of them decide to rent a car at the airport to move through the area. With this mini guide of 5 tips I intend to facilitate the process and warn them of the possible problems you may experience when renting a car in Malaga. 1 Find a rent-a-car company: if he has already traveled before and rent a car without problems surely will repeat with the same company, on the other hand if it is the first time you hire a car in Malaga, or I am not at all satisfied with the last bed I make, surely wanted contact with a new company. To find the right company go to and search rental car Malaga and others related to compare multiple results (for example: Rent a car Malaga or rental car Malaga airport). Among the various searches we can see that there are certain web that tend to be always among the first results, that is, among other reasons, product popularity and visits than you have the page, therefore it is a factor to take into account when choosing your company. 2 Select the candidate company: already has several selected Web pages (add them to Favorites to facilitate future searches), now you have to choose a candidate.

For starters look at the fact that more it attracts customers, prices. Make an estimate personalized on each page, by selecting the dates of arrival and departure provided for (Note: not all pages have an automatic quotation system). Virtually all the companies will be announced how cheaper, nothing else far from the reality, as you’ll see after making contributions, sometimes the difference can roam them the 50 euros per week in standard groups. Reaches the last step in all web pages, just before sending their data, or make a payment. By who? To verify that not apply any kind of extra charge, some companies show real bargains that go to become quite expensive rentals by the application of taxes, insurance, penalty for mileage and other extra charges franchises.