Laura Wilde – I See What, What You Don

A beautiful young student with Hungarian roots, a warm and powerful voice, and much pleasure on the German hit – this sounds like the beginning of a musical tale. It starts only at Laura Wilde not “It was once”, but “It will be”. Laura is 21 and lives in Gross-Rohrheim, studied German language and literature and Spanish in Mannheim. Music is taken seriously in her family for generations. With her Hungarian grandmother when it went has sung songs and perhaps developed her talent in this way.

Today, Laura is at the beginning of what may become a great musician career. In the back it has Uwe busses, the success of the German Schlager. He wrote not only big hits for the flippers, but also stamping end career for Engelbert, G. G. Anderson, Ireen sheer, Rex Gildo, Olaf Berger, Audrey Landers and Andrea Jurgens. Laura Wilde he made now a catch, to the many colleagues will envy him. “I was most surprised that this girl when I applied to” Becoming a pop singer. The star author knows usually girls of her age are snake pop producers and would be reluctant to talk to a step in the pop business”.

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