European Union

The European Commission will negotiate a bilateral trade agreement with Peru and Colombia faced with the impossibility of advance block level with CAN remember, the Ecuadorian Government – which holds the Presidency pro tempore of the CAN, had been called to seek a bargaining proposal block by block with flexibilities, which promote the Andean integration process. However it is already public knowledge Lima and Bogota maintained the position forward unilaterally in its talks with the EU, placing the Andean Community before the inability to make progress in negotiating block by block, added the statement. Faced with this reality, the President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, demanded the EU to respect the negotiation from block to block to a trade agreement with the Andean and side to his country and Ecuador do not leave should not be forgotten that said Evo Morales, in allusion to the words of Mandelson, referring in hard terms to the imposition of an FTA the EU cannot tell us: accept the format of the free trade agreement or fall outside the bargaining () we want a trade, but fair, that allows us to find the balance between continents, between families there is no doubt that this approach under this figure, will cause serious frictions in countries like Bolivia and Ecuador who present that CAN have a market in which products circulate free of tariffsa country entering a FTA with the United States or any other country, makes products or investments from these third countries can access the rest of the countries that they are outside the Treaty, using the country from the CAN that has signed it as a platform. Both the Governments of Bolivia and Ecuador have raised don’t want FTA and that they expected that the EU remained faithful to his promise to do something different ADA. It is worth mentioning that, if ever sincerely believed in the honesty of the developmental and Social Democrats from the EU promises, even after the Mandelson made public the orientation of the European bloc in its document the Global Europe, then or pecarian an abysmal naivety or a lousy advice. Definitely the situation is more worrying as known, Ecuador already protested to the European Union (EU) for the speed with which began to negotiate an agreement of free trade with Peru and Colombia, which made unviable CAN efforts to advance block towards an association agreement between the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Maria Isabel Salvador, handed a note of protest on the matter to the Charge d’affaires of the European Commission in Ecuador, Jose Luis Martinez, and the Ambassador of France, Didier Lopinot. The Colombian Chancellor was emphatic in saying, that as a country, we have understood the difference of interests, of times of convenience that have expressed Bolivia or Ecuador. Them we respected and accepted, said the Colombian Foreign Minister.We believe that as well as the interest and the times of other countries has been respected, it is also important to respect the need and the urgency with which others, in this case Colombia and Peru, to be able to move forward in a more flexible format.For us, insisted Bermudez is essential to make progress in this negotiation, even more so in these times of global financial crisis….