Boomerang Ray

The atmospheric electrical discharge, commonly known as Ray, has been one of the most admired meteorological phenomena and, in turn, studied by different cultures throughout time. In Acadia culture your interpretation goes back to the Ancient Akkadian culture (2000 a. c.), which represented the phenomenon of lightning from a goddess standing on the shoulders of a winged guardian and behind her, on a four-wheeled cart, was the God of time throwing rays with his whip. In Chinese mythology the beam is represented with the colorful goddess Tien-Mu. She firmly holds two mirrors to direct the flashes of lightning.

Tien-Mu is surrounded by five dignitaries from the Ministry of the storms, the Chief of those exist in the imagination Chinese: Lei Tsu, who is the God of Thunder and his assistant Lei Kung, the drummer Ray counter. According to Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX, who has experience with these questions. Greek mythology Ray was considered one of the attributes caracteristicosde Zeus, who was the God of the phenomena of the atmosphere. Its functions relate with the rain and with the return of good weather, and particularly with lightning and Thunder. It has been presented as a vigorous and mature man standing or sitting, dignified attitude and dress from the waist down carrying in his hand the sceptre or ray or, sometimes, both at the same time and assisted by his servant the Eagle. Culture India Ray is certain gods of the India, both Brahmanical and buddhic attribute. Named Vajra is the weapon of Indra (the burning) and with the Trisula (Trident) name the weapon of Rudra (which screams). Gods Nordic Thor, son of Odin and Yord, was the main and most famous of the old Nordic gods associated with lightning. Its castle was the Bilskirnir (flashing); the had two goats: Crujidor tooth and tooth Pulverizer, they threw from his chariot, while the driving it. Thor, the God of Thunder, characterized by his Red Beard, produced lightning to its short handle Myolnir hammer beat an anvil or threw it and returned to his hand which Boomerang, while riding in his chariot tronadora always around the clouds.