Bolivia Israel

Everything and more of what happened with the worst regimes de facto that they usurped power in the past, is happening in Bolivia. Morales is the typical barbarian warlord similar to other eras, but with foreign support. Last November, his closest and most loyal followers bloodthirsty Indians of Achacachi a village near La Paz, after brutally hitting 11 men and women ages 40 to 60 who were visiting the place, those burned alive until nine died. They accused them of theft, but not proved his offence.

They call it community justice, and Government Indigenista authorizes it as right for ethnic groups originating in the new political Constitution, it also speaks to perpetuate Morales in power. In Bolivia there is fear, and much, because those who do not know the rampant Indians, unknown dread. The nearest to the high plateau natives, are hordes of Muslim fanatics. It is not by chance that the Arabs are strengthening ties with Morales, have in the indigenous human material conducive to expand the Jihad. Muslim savagery fits perfectly with the Altiplano. Morales began his friendship with the Arabs before coming to power, when he received the Gaddafi Prize, and the green book written by the Libyan dictator became the new Bible of the Bolivian. Already in power, taken from the arm of Hugo Chavez, he contracted marriage with Majmud Ajmadineyad and the ayatollahs of Iran. Coincident with its commitment to Islam, and in his contempt for Christianity, recently the Government denied powers Bolivian Cardinal Julio Terrazas, for meddling in affairs that concern to the general population.